Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Patient X

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Gummy bears and scotch are top priority!

On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 10, it seems like we are going back in time and faced with yet another beast who's even more enhanced. On the plus side, JT and Tess decided to finally get back together and work through their problems. Unfortunately, JT may not be as safe we'd like to believe.

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss "Patient X."

Don't tell Cat not to beat herself up about the case, Vincent, because she was dead wrong. Cat made a rash decision about not wanting to bother going after Liam instead of looking at how dangerous he really is. Being a detective, she should have been all over the case instead of trying to hand it over to Homeland Security – let her feel bad for a little bit.

At least Cat had a better idea on how to track Liam. Vincent is all about hunting him with his beast senses, but let's be honest, the beast sense only helps so much. They are going to need an arsenal to take Liam down instead of going about things the beast way.

It was laughable seeing those cops walking around in JT's apartment with their guns ready. JT just cannot catch a break. After they catch Liam, because it is bound to happen, JT needs to take a one way trip to a deserted island and relax – take Tess along, as well.

How awesome was Tess when she got JT out of his apartment to safety? There was probably a less physical method to get him out, but it made sense why Tess would go to great lengths to keep JT alive. 

The only interesting thing to happen was finding out Julianna wasn't really a monster. Thanks to Julianna's brother, Russell, there was a better understanding of why Julianna did the things she did. Liam tricked her into helping him when he was just using her. 

It became clear Liam had beast abilities when Vincent was trying to track him outside of Russell's apartment. What I don't understand is how Vincent is getting some of Liam's personality traits. I understood tracking another beast was slowly bringing Vincent's old abilities back to the surface, but he's been doing a decent job of controlling the side affects of his abilities. 

Can you really blame Russell for being slightly suicidal? The poor guy has a serum coursing through his veins which is slowly killing him and there is no known cure.

Russell has seen that both Vincent and Cat hadn't been able to easily track down Liam and knows the only way to get to him is to set up a trap. Russell is the first person who actually makes sense when it comes to taking Liam down.

Who else wanted to shoot Russell for getting in the middle of JT and Tess when they were making up? Seriously dude, it's your suicide mission not JT's – back the heck off.

What really ticks me off about this season of Beauty and the Beast is there was a promise of a new threat and new storylines, but after Liam is revealed to be some superhuman beast, all I could think about is Beauty and the Beast Season 2. Haven't we already seen this storyline play out with Gabe?

They could have easily kept with the supernatural side of things and done something innovative and original, but instead they decide to go the safe route and do the same story with a different character.

In the end, Cat is of course determined to go after Liam, but Vincent is apprehensive because Liam is new species of beast – like Gabe was. JT is starting to have nose bleeds like the other serum-enhanced individuals. 

Do you think JT will be OK? Are you ready for this Liam story to be over already? Would you like to see the show tackle other supernatural entities?

Don't feel bad if you missed out. You can watch Beauty and the Beast online now via TV Fanatic.

Next week on Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 11, Cat finds information about Liam's family which can change the way they go after Liam. What information does Cat find? Vincent reluctantly helps Liam find evidence that could put both him and Liam in danger. Can Liam really be trusted? Find out all the answers Thursday, August 20 at 8/7c on The CW.

Patient X Review

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