Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Will Charles Return Home?

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So...Charles is alive now?

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 6 found the gals trying to prove Lesli is their tormentor, but it looks like she isn't after all. 

Below, TV Fanatic staff writers Winston Rice and Paul Dailly are joined by super fan Meaghan. Read on as they discuss if Charles is really coming home, Mona's place on the show and Ezra's temporary girlfriend. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Will Charles really come home for his birthday?

Meaghan: I may be in the minority here, but I am still not fully convinced that Charles is indeed alive. I just can't seem to shake the fact that the bunker seemed more like a tribute to him rather than his home away from home. I also recall an interview with Oliver Goldstick in which he said Charles isn't the name of A but instead is a clue to the reasoning behind why A is A. I think someone is trying to get justice for Charles and whatever happened to him. 

Winston: I’m split on this one. I can definitely see Meaghan’s point, but there is still a part of me that thinks Charles is one of the male characters we have already seen (prime suspect #1: Wren). Regardless…whether it’s actually Charles or an "impostor Charles" just seeking vengeance for him, Charles has already been in Rosewood for years, so unless this homecoming leads to his actual reveal, this is just another setup with no payoff.  

Paul: If the ABC Family promos are to be believed, then probably, but my gut is telling me they are trying to trick us again. That's if Charles is really alive. We need solid answers like, yesterday. 

Is Mona on Team Liars, or Team Lesli?

Meaghan: Mona is Team Mona. Always has been and always will be. She chooses whatever side is convenient for her and keeps her safe, but at the end of the day she is willing to switch at the drop of a hat if it means keeping her out of harm's way. I really would love her to join Team Liars though, because they could really use some more sass and brains on their team.

Winston: I totally agree with Meaghan here. Mona has always been looking out of for #1 aka herself, and considering how dangerous the A game has gotten since she lost the mantle (or has she?), I can’t say I blame her. She’s smart, and she knows how to play the game better than anyone. She’s a survivor, and I doubt she’d be willing to change her selfish tactics at this point.  

Paul: I have to agree with everyone on this one. She's up to something, but I have no idea what. For all we know, she could still be A, or Big A, or whatever. 

Did Sara really get hit, or is she making all of this up?

Meaghan: That girl is crazy. I feel like if something that significant happened to her, they would have shown it happening. Either she is part of the A team, or she is just trying to keep playing the victim to keep Emily close. I just want the Sara storyline to be done at this point. Every time she comes on screen I cringe.

Winston: Everything Sara does is shady. She’s totally using Emily, and I have no doubt she’s either part of the A team, or she’s one of Maya’s ex-lovers who has come to seek revenge on Emily. Oh wait…that already happened. RIP “Nate." 

Paul: I think it would be too easy to rule her A now. I think we are being led on a wild goose chase with her, but I'm sure she will turn out to be good, if a little weird.

Has Ezra found his next temporary girlfriend?

Meaghan: She seems too old for him. I mean this is Rosewood. These men like their ladies barely legal. She was in her 20s maybe? Yeah Ezra definitely isn't gonna go for that. Speaking of Ezra, has anyone noticed a change in his wardrobe? Ezra seems to be shopping in this hipster-borderline-ladies section of Macy's.

Winston: Who cares. When Ezra isn’t with Aria, he doesn’t really have much to do, so pairing him up with someone new will at least keep him busy. 

Paul: Meaghan, LOL! I noticed the change in his wardrobe. I think he could pair up with her for three weeks, until the show ends this timeline and jumps forward.

What do you want to happen before the show stops until January?

Meaghan: I want to know EXACTLY what happened the night that Ali disappeared. I want to find out for sure who is the one with a twin. And last but not least, I need to know who A is. I wish that this A storyline could be ended completely at this point and start fresh, but with only one more season after this one, it seems like in 6B it will be revealed that black veil was the real one in charge making everything up until this point useless. Oh also I would love Sara Harvey to be killed off. Possibly while wearing the yellow shirt she hated so much.

Winston: I, too, would love to know who A is. Let’s bury this A storyline before we flash forward five years. I would also love to see the flash forward at the very end of the season 6A finale. It would be a nice tease going into 6B. Also….honestly, I could do without Alison. Ever since she’s come back, I feel like the show has lost its way a bit. Maybe Charles can finally get his revenge on her before he’s revealed. 

Paul: I want all of the current mysteries solved and to jump five years into the future with a new storyline. I'm a little worried that one of the gals will get jail time during the jump, which makes me think one of them could be involved.

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