Complications Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Fever

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What happens when a good man crosses the line? Can he go back? Maybe, but the problem for John is that he passed that line weeks ago, and with Complications Season 1 Episode 7, the line has disappeared from sight. 

When Gretchen first met Wes, I thought he seemed like the type of guy who never worried about crossing lines. I didn’t realize how right I was until John started looking around that lab.

Wes was such an evil, sleazy, little weasel. First he told Gretchen that the drugs they were stealing were going to help people. Was Gretchen really buying that? Maybe she simply needed to believe that in order to keep taking those envelopes. 

Despite Gretchen’s memorable Complications quote

Doctor's have plans and nurses do what works and that just worked.


Breaking into that van was reckless, but John’s plan wasn’t much better. When those drugs went missing, wouldn’t someone check the paperwork and wonder why an ER doc was ordering cases of chemo meds? With his entire life under the microscope, it seemed like a stupid risk to take. 

As John made his lists of risks, obstacles, and possibilities, I was a little surprised that turning Wes in to the gang didn't make the list but, at his heart John in a good man. This all started because he wanted to help a squirrel, and then a little boy...and now he's stealing drugs, sneaking gang members out of the hospital, falsifying records and lying to everyone. 

Personally I think Wes deserved one thing…a phone call to Darius. Yes, that would have been a death sentence, but Wes had no problem handing those down to others who were desperately fighting cancer in order to make some extra cash.  Perhaps I shouldn’t speak for others, but I can’t imagine that anyone who has watched a loved one fight that battle and lose would shed one tear over Wes’ demise. 

Unfortunately, the guy survived to live another day. It wouldn’t surprise me if he returned to cause more trouble for John.

Speaking of John, he was able to side step the inquisition from Bridget by providing his blood for a tox screen and copping to a case of PTSD. John certainly could use some therapy, the problem is…how honest can he be when he’s hiding so much?

I audibly groaned when Sam called Kyle. I was almost relieved when he was such an ass to her over the phone. But now Kyle has watered the seeds of doubt that were already in Sam’s mind. Is there any chance John will come clean with his wife? John has crossed so many lines, is there anyone left who can help him?

Check back next Thursday for our review of Complications Season 1 Episode 8 and if you can’t wait until then, you can watch Complications online here at TV Fanatic. 

Fever Review

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Complications Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Just run a tox screen before you ruin my life. That's all I ask.


John: So she's your roommate?
Gretchen: Yeah, she's my roommate, that I sleep with.
John: Oh.