Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Both Sides Now

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Don't touch the gummy worms!

On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 7, they quickly caught the person who was behind all the experiments and it was relatively easy to do.

This was, hands down, disappointing from start to finish, and you were left feeling as though you've wasted seven weeks on a story which was supposedly wrapped up in less than an hour. 

Is anyone else shocked by how quickly they are moving things this season? Beauty and the Beast Season 2 moved at a snail's pace, but this time around they seem to be jumping around.

It would have been nice to have seen Vincent and Cat inform their friends of an assassin being after them, but instead they talk about being on the run for three days, and everyone else has police protection.

You can't blame Cat for being skeptical, in the beginning, about the wedding ever happening. All they've done is face down people who want them dead or want to experiment on Vincent – of course she's going to be apprehensive.

The security in the hospital seriously sucks. How could they let a man, who looks suspicious, just mosey on in? Vincent and Cat should have anticipated they were going to be attacked considering they have terrible luck. It also didn't help them having the assassin basically be invincible. 

Vincent's apprehension to eloping and getting angry at Cat for being OK with it was ridiculous. It's understandable he'd want to have  a wedding with his friends and family, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to elope. At least the lady getting the paperwork ready for them was able to add some comic relief.

Of course there would be some huge wedding going on right next to everyone else eloping – way to make Vincent question what they were getting ready to do even more. It didn't help having JT call Vincent up and talk about already having his speech ready for the big day. 

While I understand Vincent's reasoning about not going through with everything, I was on Cat's side during the entire episode. Vincent was being overly sensitive over the entire situation. They could easily have a big wedding after eloping, but like Cat said, it isn't even official unless they were to file the paperwork and saying the vows to each other doesn't automatically make them married.

Cat: Do you realize what you just did?
Vincent: Yeah, I just stopped us from ruining what should have been the best day of our lives.
Cat: No, you maybe have just ruined our best chance to find out who's behind all this and for what, because you don't want to elope.
Vincent: Yes that is exactly why I did it.
Cat: Vincent we were never really going to do that.
Vincent: Yes we were. Maybe not technically, but we were about to recite vows Catherine.
Cat: So what if we did? What difference does it make? It's just a piece of paper.
Vincent: No, no it's not.

Tess has every right to be angry with everything going on. She has a new job as captain and everything Cat, JT, Vincent and Heather were doing just made Tess look bad. Tess wants to be there for both Cat and Vincent, but she also made an oath to be captain and needs to be there for the other officers as well – no one was giving Tess the respect she deserved, especially JT. 

The big reveal of Julianna being the one behind the experiments was lackluster and not the least bit shocking. Having Cat basically go beast-mode on Julianna and beat the crap out of her was extremely unnerving. Cat has never been one to lose control and it was hard to watch. Hopefully they don't go down some dark and twisted road with Cat because the woman has been through enough already. 

In the end, Julianna was put in an induced coma and may not recover. Tess, after being frustrated by JT not caring, broke up with him and took all of her things out of his apartment – thus breaking all of our hearts in the process. Cat relented and said she was game for a big wedding after everything they've been through. 

Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch Beauty and the Beast online online via TV Fanatic and catch up on the entire season.

Do you think Tess and JT will eventually get back together? Are you frustrated by the way this whole story is moving? Do you think Vincent and Cat are really ready to get married or should they work through their issues first?

Next week on Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 8, Cat and Vincent finally have the wedding they've dreamed.

Unfortunately, Cat is worried about some of the superhuman experiments ruining her day, and it's up to Vincent, JT and Tess to try to keep her from worrying and enjoy her special day. Don't miss out on the wedding of the season! Tune in Thursday, July 30 at 8/7c.

Both Sides Now Review

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