Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 5 Review: The Truth

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Mind. Blown.

While Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 5 provided us with several of the answers we were seeking, it also created new questions. 

There's so much to discuss that it's hard to decide where to start!

Ethan made it over the mountain and immediately encountered the creatures we caught a glimpse of at the end of Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 4. Now we have a name for them: aberrations, or "abbies."

They're basically mutated post-apocalyptic humans and I can't say that's where I thought this story was going. Considering how many post-apocalyptic dystopian books and movies are popping up right now, I feel like I should have considered that. 

Okay, so we finally get an explanation for why time is so different for everyone in this town. At least, I think we did. My take on it is that everyone was taken at different times, Beverly in 1999 for example and the Burkes in 2014.

They were put in these hibernation chambers and left there for 2000 years until they woke up. It's now the year 4028. What I don't get is why people woke up at different times. 

Big Ben tells Theresa that people move to town pretty steadily, a couple each month. Does that mean they wake up a couple new people every month as they need them? I suppose it makes sense, if they woke everyone up at once and too many of them died, there wouldn't be enough people left.

Why did they choose to wake up Ethan before the rest of his family? And why was his whole family chosen when most people were brought alone?

Ethan was so focused on getting back to his family that I wonder if his family was woken earlier than planned. Maybe they weren't supposed to join the town so soon, but they did because Ethan wouldn't let them go.

It still would have made sense for them to do that for everyone. Why couldn't Beverly's daughter have been frozen, too? Having your family with you would make adjusting to all of this so much easier. 

I'm also confused about this whole, "don't tell the adults" thing. The story Mrs. Fisher told didn't really resonate with me. If I were one of those kids, I'd know my parents wouldn't make the same choice and I'd still want to tell them.

If the issue is making them believe the truth, why not take them on flights in the helicopter and show them? I'd guess Ethan is a believer now. 

It's interesting that Theresa's first client, Wade Johnson, actually saw the hibernation chambers. Did he wake up early for some reason? He saw Nurse Pam, and she was with the doctor in the helicopter, so I'm assuming the two of them are the "they" we keep hearing about. The ones who are listening and watching everyone. 

I'm still wondering how Adam Hassler is involved in all of this. We saw him talking to the doctor, who we now know is David Pilcher, in Seattle and he made a call that Theresa and Ben were on their way to Wayward Pines. I assumed that call was to Sheriff Pope, but now I'm not sure. It might have been to Pilcher and maybe that's why Theresa and Ben were chosen. Maybe Ethan got his family because his family wouldn't let him go, not the other way around. 

Mrs. Fisher tells the kids that the scientist, Pilcher, foresaw the aberrations and created Wayward Pines. If that's the case, how is he still alive? Did he freeze himself? If so, how did he wake himself up, and how did he know when to wake up? Was Pam an original along with him? 

What questions do you guys still have? What do you think of the explanations we've received so far? Are you excited to see how the rest of this plays out?

If you missed anything, you can watch Wayward Pines online and catch up any time!

The Truth Review

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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Mrs. Fisher: We only allow those who are truly exceptional to join the first generation. We only allow those who we believe are truly ready.
Ben: Ready for what?
Mrs. Fisher: For the truth.

Your accidents were in fact not accidents at all, rather you were all chosen to be here.

Mrs. Fisher