Proof Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Showdown

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Are you getting any closer to believing in life after death?

The past life regression storyline in Proof Season 1 Episode 3 was very intriguing. To believe one person was reliving a battle from the Korean War was amazing, but two? And they happened to meet up in this life? That would be amazing.

Perhaps it's a little heavy handed, but It was a really enjoyable way to visit the topic of past life regression, and then Cat's story was thrown into the mix, making for an all around entertaining hour.

Regression Therapy

I've never been successfully hypnotized and don't believe I could be, so the idea of lives coming to me by way of my dreams makes much more sense. Those I have in incredibly vivid detail and revisit often, which I understand is not the norm. Maybe I'm already regressing. That would be cool.

Of course, I'd never know if I needed someone like Cat's friend to truly regress me on video and capture evidence of it. Did anyone catch the guy's name who she knew from college? I spent the entire hour trying to figure it out but nothing. That can be very frustrating. 

It was surprising to me that everyone was so easily hypnotized, especially both Liam and Ryder, considering how incredibly personal their journeys were, even if they were both anxious to discover what role the other played in their possible past. 

Even more so was the surprise at how easily Cat was hypnotized, even to the point she thought she stood up and walked out of the room, picking up Will. It was so tragic watching her relive a portion of the day Will died, even if it had to differ significantly (would she really have been staring at him when the truck hit the car?) from what actually occurred. She finally realized who she was seeing with the green scarf, however, and the significance of the moment.

What I didn't catch was whether that woman might have been a figment of her imagination or really coming to her by way of ghostly apparitions and how Cat could possibly know the difference. 

The entire experience helped Cat to realize it will soon be time to let Will go, but not just yet. While Sophie might be ready to move in the first available hunky French exchange student, Cat realized that when they clean out Will's room it should be something they do with the entire family. It should be as meaningful and beautiful as it was the last time they were all together and Will caught the fly ball Len wants to keep as a reminder of his boy.

Have you ever considered undergoing past life regression? Are your dreams so intense you're left wondering if you might have lived before? I'd love to hear about it. Hit the comments!

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