Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Where Is Andrew?

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The questions keep coming!

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 1 featured the gals finally escaping from their tormentor, but it tossed a lot of questions our way, as Sara was finally found. Has she really been in there THAT long?

Below, TV Fanatic staff writer Paul Dailly is joined by super fans Meaghan and Aly to discuss how the Liars escaped, Andrew's whereabouts and how Sara fits into this twisted story...

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of how the liars escaped the dollhouse?

Aly: I loved seeing Alison work with Caleb and Ezra to help the liars escape. However I didn't think it was the best idea for them to set fire to their EVIDENCE! I felt bad for Mona when all of the other girls had someone there to greet them and she didn't, but it was interesting seeing the girls comfort her for once.

Meaghan: It is about time the Liars took things into their own hands. I don't necessarily know if setting the place on fire with themselves in it was the best plan but obviously it was effective.

Paul: I liked Alison working with Caleb and Ezra. You probably won't see them working together again, but it was good. I liked that the liars finally got strong and realized that together they don't need to do stupid things.

What's your theory about how Sara fits into all of this?

Aly: I think "Sara" could really be Bethany Young, and perhaps Bethany planned to kill Sara and eventually steal her identity. Allegedly Bethany also wore the yellow shirt, and we know she was in Radley and artistic; Sara's room in the dollhouse looked like a Radley room and had artwork that looked like Bethany's.

Meaghan: At this point I'm thinking Charles meant to take Ali on that infamous night but Mona helped her get away, so he took an Ali lookalike, aka Sara, in her place.

Paul: I really think that Sara is one of the bad guys. Charles is deluded, so they could have met in Radley, but she won't be good news for our liars.

Where is Andrew?

Aly: He is probably "out of town" like everyone we can't find on this show. I do not think he is behind any of this.

Meaghan: Andrew is possibly tied up somewhere right now so that A and Charles can use him as a scapegoat. I do think that Andrew is involved and was the one who kidnapped Mona so the question just is how involved is he.

Paul: It would be too easy to rule him A, so he's most certainly being used as a scapegoat like Meaghan stated. Let's hope she shows back up soon.

What horrors did the liars go through during the time jump?

Aly: I think they believe that they tortured each other but in reality nobody was injured. This could be why they weren't looking each other in the eye and didn't want to talk to each other about what happened.

Meaghan: I'm assuming a lot of psychological torture, but honestly, they seemed to be doing pretty OK on their last day in the dollhouse. Maybe they were just kind of numb to it all at that point.

Paul: The screams from them would certainly suggest that something bad went down, but who's to say that there was no one else in their rooms when they went in? The A team perhaps?

Grade the premiere.

Aly: A. I really liked this one!

Meaghan: B-. I give them an A for trying to make an effort to take the show to a darker place, but I kind of felt like it was a repeat of last year's premiere where they were escaping from New York. It didn't really add much to the overall plot of the show. I do have faith that this season will be a good one, though.

Paul: B-. We've been waiting too long for these answers and the premiere never really delivered any. I get that it was mostly set up to conclude the current storyline, so hopefully we get the goodies before the liars jump five years into the future.

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