Outlander Season 2: Mother Hildegarde is Cast!

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Mother Hildegarde is the Mother Superior in charge of the Paris Le' Hospital de Agnes where Claire spends a lot of time on Outlander Season 2.

Today Outlander announced via Twitter that Tony-award winning actress Frances de la Tour will be taking form as Mother Hildegarde. Her dog, Bouton, who is her constant companion in the book Dragonfly in Amber, had previously been cast. They think of everything!

Francis de la Tour

de la Tour is the latest addition to Season 2, as the cast continues to grow for the new direction, which will have Jamie and Claire in France attempting to stop the Jacobite uprisings and all of the unnecessary deaths that come as a result.

Laurence Dobiesz has joined as Black Jack's gentle brother, Alex, while Margaux Chatelier has been cast as Jamie's ex-girlfriend, Annalise de Marillac.


  • Marc Duret will be playing Monsieur Joseph Duverney.
  • Dominique Pinion joined as Master Raymond.
  • Stanley Weber will take on Le Compte St. Germain.
  • And Robert Cavanah will be Jared Fraser.

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