Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 10 Review: History Yet to Be Written

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Now that's how you do a season finale! Fights to the death, kicked in doors, and about a dozen truth bombs!

If you have not watched Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 10, this is your official warning to turn back now. Seriously, spoilers below!!

You have been warned!

First let's talk about the major death (maybe?) of the night.

Delphine spent the episode redeeming herself to Sarah, to Dyad, and to Cosima. Last minute redemption always bodes poorly in a finale episode, and sure enough, she caught a bullet to the stomach by the end of the night. But does this mean Delphine is dead? We didn't exactly see a body, but season finales can be tricky like that!

If she is dead, I'll miss her sexy accent, her perfectly coifed hair and most of all her fantastically fashionable footwear! At least she got to share one last kiss with Cosima before the end. 

Elsewhere, we got to see a team-up for the history books as Sarah executed her plan to topple Castor perfectly. First step? Kick in the door on the lovebirds who can hand over Dr. Coady. Mark and Gracie have been the star-crossed love story of the show from the start of Orphan Black Season 2, but their double cross last week cut deep. I couldn't help but be a little satisfied that Felix broke up their touching reunion.

You always think that I can't handle the tough stuff, but you know what? This time, Sarah, follow my lead.


Thanks to Mark's helpful little ruse – boy clones pull identity switches too apparently! – we got to see the MOST EPIC part of the night.

Helena vs. Rudy Death Match!

I've been waiting for a ringside seat to this confrontation all season. These two definitely have "the crazy clone" tattooed across their foreheads, so watching them duke it out was perfect season finale material. 

Unfortunately for Rudy, military goon doesn't trump Ukranian assassin, and he, too, met an ambiguous end. 

Depending on how Helena... disposed of Rudy, Mark might be the only Castor clone left on the books. I do hope he continues on to next season, if only because Ari Millen is so wildly talented. Bringing him back for more clone shenanigans next year can only be a good thing. 

Some might call this finale anti-climactic when put up next to previous season enders, but I'm actually content with the resolution we got on all fronts. Always ending on a major game-changer can get predictable, and Orphan Black could never be accused of that. Castor was a demon that needed defeating, and there's something to be said for wrapping up your hanging plot lines. Seeing the clone club's enemies trounced was the perfect kind of vindication.

Not to mention, Castor's destruction made way for an all new villain. Neolutionists! 

Admit it, you missed those freaky little mutants! 

Now that everyone knows the Neolutionists not only have Rachel but have also been behind the entire cloning project from the start, the game has shifted a bit. Neolutionists don't play by regular rules, so Rachel and the rest of the gang might be in even more danger now. Don't even get me started on Charlotte and Susan Duncan. Talk about a twist!

At least everyone knows Rachel is out and about now, though. Let's just hope poor Crystal gets to go back to her nail salon in peace. 

Why do weird things keep happening to me?!


Without a major cliffhanger to set up for next year, we also got to focus on two of the most heartwarming moments of the season. Sarah's reunion with her daughter, and the sestra dinner!

Orphan Black Season 3 did a great job of uniting all of the clones under a common cause and turning them into a family. Yes, even Helena! It was equal parts touching and mind boggling to see four different versions of Tatianna Maslany all sitting at a table together, breaking bread. Alison's toast put me over the edge though, as well as Sarah's acknowledgement that without Beth, none of them would be there in the first place. I'm not crying, you're crying!

Now that Kira and Sarah have snuggled in the snow, is it safe for both of them to return home with Cal? Is Delphine donezo? Will the Neolutionists ever stop being totally gross and creepy? All great questions for next year! Tell us your thoughts in comments below!

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History Yet to Be Written Review

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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Cosima: You know your clones, we call each other sister.
Kendall: Call yourselves what you want, you're just a bad copy of me.
Cosima: We're kind of over the whole bad copy thing. It's way more accurate for us to call you older sister.

You always think that I can't handle the tough stuff, but you know what? This time, Sarah, follow my lead.