iZombie Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat

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Next week is the season finale of iZombie, and I AM NOT READY!

We've got Major in peril, Evan inching closer to danger, and yet strangely enough, after iZombie Season 1 Episode 12, Peyton is the one I'm freaking out about most. Go figure!

First off, as a former cheerleader, I've got to give iZombie props for Liv's indignation over people not taking Kimber seriously. Cheerleading it totally a sport! Even if they did manage to make fun of the poor girl all night, I'm still on her side. Poor, murdered, little Kimber.

Unfortunately for curious minds, Kimber's murder is still a bit of a mystery after tonight's cliffhanger. Sure, Sebastian bashed her brains in and ate her, but that wasn't exactly the end of the story. 

Who killed Nate? And Cameron? And is Theresa still alive? 

Props to anyone who recognized Theresa as Arrow's very own Sin! Seems she hopped a train out of Starling and made it to Seattle as a very similar character with a very similar attitude. It's hard to care too much when she's so awesome, though. Still, her attacker remains a mystery as we head into the finale next week.

Also up in the air are Peyton's whereabouts and Major's fate!

After the confession fake out from iZombie Season 1 Episode 11, I was skeptical about Liv telling Peyton the whole story. For the most part, Peyton hasn't been all that integral or interesting this season. Her friendship with Liv has seemed like pointless fluff most of the time. 

Nevertheless, Liv didn't have much of a choice after Peyton caught her in full-on zombie mode.

There are zombies in the world, Peyton. And I'm one of them.

Even if her reaction hurt Liv, it sort of validated all of Liv's doubts from earlier in the season about telling her friends and family what she'd become. She was afraid they'd turn away from her in fear and disgust, or worse, attempt to kill her. Now that both Peyton and Major know the truth about zombies, they've both reacted exactly how she feared they would.

Peyton knows the whole story now, and it's anyone's guess where she'll go with that information. Ravi seems like a no go, but Major – maybe?

Too bad he's currently a little tied up. See what I did there?

Alas, Major's fake heath inspector gimmick was a flop, and he has been found out by Julien and Blaine. There's not much standing between him and the chopping block. Literally. Dropping Liv's name might present a few survival options, but it's hard to tell if that's a good option for him or not. After all, just look what Blaine did to Liv's last boyfriend...

Finally, Ravi's rat experiments seem wobbly, but optimistic.

After Hope, the un-zombiefied rat, wound up dead, hope seemed to be lost, pun intended.

Hope's dead. How on the nose.

Now that Ravi's got another zombie rat in the works, he might just find a cure in time for the finale. 

My one complaint for the night was seeing Sebastian cut down so quickly. Liv's first zombie progeny (we never really did tie down that terminology did we?) was kind of a dud. I would have liked to see such a rich character survive longer. We all know Max Rager will tie into this mess eventually. 

What are your guesses for the finale zombie fans? Any deaths? Any reunions? Let me know in comments below.

And if you missed the game changing episode, watch iZombie online via TV Fanatic to catch up! 

Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat Review

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