iZombie Round Table: Peyton, Wherefore Art Thou?

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We're reaching the end of our first season of iZombie, but there are still so many loose ends to tie up! Some would say too many...

With Major in peril, Peyton missing, Ravi one the verge of a cure, and Liv still hopelessly out of the loop, it's hard to imagine what next week's finale will bring, and how it could ever resolve all this stuff. 

Come join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Terri Clark, Whitney Evans, and Amanda Steinmetz as we tackle iZombie Season 1 Episode 12 in all its teenage glory.

Will Peyton go nuclear and reveal Liv's secret? How will Major ever get himself out of hot water with Blaine? And what the hell is the finale going to look like? Read on to see our thoughts!

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Izombie Round Table

Favorite joke/scene/quote of the episode?

Stacy: As a huge fan of slasher flicks, I'm going with the beginning spoof of and the later references to I Know What You Did Last Summer. That was hilarious!

Whitney: I loved the I Know What You Did Last Night references, too! But my favorite line has to go to Ravi with his, "Be aggressive. B. E. Aggressive." iZombie Season 1 MVP has to be Ravi, right?

Terri: Definite MVP Whitney and Ravi's "cheer" was my favorite line too. Man, he makes me laugh.

Amanda: I LOVED all the I Know What You Did Last Summer references as well! On a more serious note, my favorite scene has to be the ending. Theresa reaching for the phone was a frightening image to end the episode on.

Who do you think is behind the murder of all these teenagers? Why does it matter?

Stacy: I don't know, it has to be a zombie, but one we've met before or not? I don't think it matters right now, there's so much else going on that has me engaged. I'm sure wherever it's going will be great though.

Whitney: I literally have no idea, and I'm really excited by that because it means I'm guaranteed to be shocked next week. This whole season has been circling around Blaine and Max Rager, so maybe they will tie in somehow.

Terri: I have no clue! I'm anxious to see everything come together in the finale. Hopefully they'll answer lots of questions and, of course, end on a great cliffhanger.

Amanda: I have no idea, but I agree with Whitney that Max Rager probably has something to do with it.

Major seems to be in dire straights. Will he reveal his connection to Liv or keep that under his hat?

Stacy: I think he keeps it under his hat. I'm not sure if revealing his connection is going to help him any, but I do think he's going to figure out Liv's connection to all of this.

Whitney: I am so, so, so scared for Major. He has really become so much more than a ridiculously pretty face over the course of the season, and I really hope he doesn't bite the bullet in the finale. I would keep the Liv connection to myself if I was him, but Major doesn't always think rationally, so I wouldn't be surprised if he let her name slip.

Terri: Major is the kind of guy who'd protect others with his life, so I'm thinking there's no way he'll mention Liv. However, he will get out of there – somehow – and then warn her to keep her little brother away while figuring out why Blaine is interested in her.

Amanda: I really don't know how Major will get out alive. I suspect he'll keep his connection to Liv to himself and try to figure out how Blaine knows Liv, which could lead to him finding out about her being a zombie.

Surprise! Peyton was the first to find out Liv's secret. React!

Stacy: That was very surprising. I never would have guessed she'd be the first one to find out, especially because there's barely been any time spent on her. I get they're supposed to be super close, and they stuck that scene in there where they compared what they know about each other, but it would have been nice if that connection had been established more throughout the season. Hopefully knowing her secret brings her into the story more.

Whitney: That whole scene between Rose McIver and Aly Michalka was so beautifully done. I've ripped on Peyton a lot because I just don't think her character brings anything of value to the show, but I've always liked Aly Michalka (RIP Phil of the Future! Aly & AJ!), and she nailed that scene. She was equal parts terrified, devastated and in shock. If she's going to have a bigger role next season, then I think this was a very smart move, because it will connect her to the stories and give her more to do.

Terri: Yeah, I was shocked that she was the first to learn the truth. I would've lost that bet in Vegas. I echo what Whitney said (Including being a fan. I love Aly and her sister AJ). It was a great scene, and I'm hoping that once Peyton gets past the shock and fear, she'll realize she's been living with zombie Liv for months without problems. The reveal will answer a lot of the questions she had about her best friend's radical change. I think after that will come curiosity and acceptance, but I have a hard time believing she can keep her mouth shut about the secret.

Amanda: Peyton learning the truth first was definitely a surprise, but I'm glad it happened. Peyton has been absent for a lot of the season, so I hope this means she'll have a greater presence next season. We've seen little snippets of her and Liv's friendship, but it hasn't been enough. Having her learn the truth will change the dynamic with not only Liv, but also Ravi. Speaking of which, what's the deal with these two? Are they already serious? I feel like we all missed watching these two come together.

What are your predictions for the season finale? Deaths? Confessions? Romance?

Stacy: This show is kind of impossible to predict. So much has not gone the way I expected. I didn't think anyone besides Ravi would know Liv's secret this season, and assuming Major finds out in the finale, every major character except Clive will know. Even if Major doesn't find out about Liv, Clive will be the only one who doesn't at least know about the existence of zombies. I think Lowell was the big death of the season, at least I hope so. They better not kill Peyton off now that she knows the truth. That would be pretty annoying.

Whitney: The last few episodes have given me a bad feeling about Major's fate, and I truly hope I'm wrong. If Major doesn't make it to iZombie Season 2, I hope he and Liv get the chance to at least talk and reaffirm that their love story was real. I think Blaine is a fun villain, but I wouldn't mind if he died and we got a glimpse of next years big bad. This finale should be a doozy, and I'm preparing myself to be very much like Peyton in that confession scene: terrified, devastated and in shock.

Terri: I'm hoping for no deaths, other than the brain of the week. I'm throwing out that Major will pull Babineaux back into the mix, and he'll discover that zombies exist, but neither will make the connection to Liv...yet. I'm guessing Peyton might turn to Ravi, suspecting he knows about Liv because of their work relationship and her confession that she gets her brains at the morgue. Hopefully he'll make her see that Liv is still the same, albeit a bit different, and maybe that'll earn him a kiss. I want to see if these two actually have any chemistry. Whatever happens, I'm excited to see it!

Amanda: Ugh! I'm never sure where this show is going. I hope Major doesn't die because having another love interest die on Liv would not be good. I also hope Blaine sticks around because I feel like we just scratched the surface with his character. I also don't want Peyton to die now that she learned the truth.... I basically don't want anyone to die!

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