The Returned Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Peter

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Caldwell isn't alone, but that's anything but good news.

On The Returned Season 1 Episode 10, Peter learned that Caldwell isn't the only town where people have risen from the dead. 

Unfortunately, those other towns disappeared along with everyone in them. This news, plus a pregnancy and more death made for a packed hour with little resolution.

Let's talk about Peter first. I thought the truth about his death was a little underwhelming.  

Claire's response was extremely frustrating. I get that she was upset, but was he really supposed to tell her he came back from the dead when they first met. That would have been one hell of a pickup line!

Caldwell must be a gossipy place because it didn't take long for that reporter to find him.

So other towns have seen resurrections, but they then ceased to exist. How soon after? Why? Is there a way to stop it?

Let's move on to Victor and his mommy issues.

Julie finally wised up and told Victor she couldn't take care of him anymore.

I'm sorry, but that whole speech she gave him felt weird. The phrasing made it sound more like a breakup with a lover and not a young boy she was looking after. 

I love you, and I'm so grateful that we met, but we can't be together anymore.


Victor was very close to killing off another surrogate mom. Instead, he let Julie go... for now.

I'm not sure where Victor and Julie's relationship goes from here, especially since it looks like Victor has moved on in his search for the fairy.

Next we have Camille and her vagina of death. 

Everything about that sex scene was creepy. I don't think I'm alone is reading that scene as a little less than consensual. Ben just seemed to be going along with it even though he clearly didn't look to be enjoying himself.

The whole twin connection aspect is intriguing, and I wish we got to learn more about why they can feel what the other is feeling.

I was confused when Camille appeared to look like Lena as she was on top of him. Was that Ben just imagining Lena because she's who he really wanted, or was that something Camille was making him see? 

The sex may have rocked Camille's world, but it literally killed Ben. 

Luckily for Rowan, having sex with Simon didn't kill her. Unfortunately, it has left her with a bun in the oven.

I know it's possible the father could be Tommy, but that would be uneventful. Simon as the father opens up a whole set of possibilities. What is growing inside her? Is it a human baby? Does her pregnancy fit into a larger picture?

Lucy: I'm supposed to give you a message. He'll be here soon. When he comes, you need to listen.
Rowan: When who comes?
Lucy: The man whose baby you're carrying.

Lucy's message that Rowan needs to listen to the father of her baby makes me think that what Simon saw at the end could have been a vision.

This leads me to Helen and Simon. Helen's attempts to destroy the dam kept being thwarted by something unseen, probably by the spirits of those who died in the flood. 

Simon watching the water come over the mountain and down onto Caldwell had me scratching my head. When I looked at the scene a couple more times, it occurred to me that we never saw Helen succeed in lighting the dynamite.

The water began to flood the town and then immediately disappeared. Perhaps Simon had a vision of the future, and that's why Rowan needs to listen to him. He needs to warn everyone of their impending doom. 

Overall, this was a decent finale that kept me entertained. However, I'm disappointed that we weren't given any answers. I shouldn't be surprised considering Carlton Cuse is creator of the show.

I don't want this to turn into a Lost situation where we keep getting thrown questions, but are never given answers. 

I'm pleased that the show deviated from the French series, especially in these last few episodes.

Still, it feels like this finale left us on a note that won't sit well should the show not be picked up for a second season. 

So over to you guys! What did you think of the finale? Why did Ben die? Was Simon seeing a vision of the town flooding? What happened to those other towns? Hopefully the series will be picked up for a second season, so all our questions can be answered. 

Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up on the entire season when you watch The Returned online via TV Fanatic!

Peter Review

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