The CW Fall Schedule: Welcome to Julie Plec Thursday!

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Oh, it is on, Shonda Rhimes!

The CW unveiled its new fall schedule this morning, announcing that The Originals Season 3 will shift to Thursday nights at 9 p.m., pairing up with Julie Plec's other smash hit sensation, The Vampire Diaries.


  • Reign is on the move.
  • New series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will team up with Jane the Virgin on Monday.
  • And the Arrow/The Flash spinoff, Legend of Tomorrow, will debut at midseason.

Look for new CW trailers to hit TV Fanatic later this morning and scroll down for the fresh fall lineup...

Distressed - The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 22
Very Angry Hybrid - The Originals Season 2 Episode 15

8 pm Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
9 pm Jane the Virgin

8 pm The Flash
9  pm iZombie

8 pm Arrow
9 pm Supernatural

8 pm The Vampire Diaries
9 pm The Originals

8 pm Reign
9 pm America’s Next Top Model

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The CW Quotes

Cheryl: Well, well, well. Stop the presses! The Riverdale rag finally reported a story accurately. Not only is there going to some hideous janky parade snaking its way through town, you four are the architects of this outrage.
Veronica: What’s your problem, Cheryl?
Cheryl: My problem, Veronica, is that the Fourth of July is a day of tragedy for Riverdale. Not celebration. Or have you forgotten what happened to my poor brother Jason?
Betty: Cheryl, Riverdale hasn’t held a parade out of respect for what happened to your brother in like years. It’s time.
Jughead: I mean, you don’t have to come.
Cheryl: Oh, I’ll be there, Insufferable Smurf. Front and center. With a sign of protest in one hand and a horn of compressed air to silence any revelry in the other.

Kevin: Okay, Veronica, I’m obsessed with everything that just happened.
Veronica: Thank you! It helps to be off-book and in full costume.
Betty: Don’t be so modest, you are the literally embodiment of Chris. Never has a role been perfectly typecast.
Archie: Betty!
Veronica: What was that, Betty?
Betty: I mean think about it: Spoiled rich girl, check. Major daddy issues, check. Bad to the bone, trying to control everyone around her, including her boyfriend and best friend. Check, check, check.