Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Scarred by Many Past Frustrations

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Talk about a Wonder Twin team up! 

Watching Sarah and Helena reunite – even under less than ideal circumstances – was just what fans have been waiting to see all season! Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 5 delivered just that, even if their harrowing escape attempt ended in betrayal and tears. 

Tonight's episode had a definitive A Plot, B Plot, and C Plot, which is not always the case on a scattered show like Orphan Black. It does, however, make organizing this little recap much easier.

The A Plot

Obviously, our favorite twins, Helena and Sarah, took up the majority of the evening with their reunion and subsequent break-out sequence. All year we've been hearing the Castor kids tell Helena that Sarah double crossed her, but it was hard to tell just how much Helena bought into that story. 

Until tonight, that is. It seems Helena bought into it completely, since their epic escape ended in Helena leaving Sarah locked in her cell.

It's always hard to get a read on Helena and where exactly her head is at. We know she feels a strong familial bond to Sarah, and that her loyalty to her "sestra" will never be totally destroyed. Even if Helena does actually leave Sarah to rot in the desert, I think there's a possibility that she'll take what she knows back to Felix in an attempt to save her.

If Dyadd knows where Castor is set up, a full scale clone war could be on the horizon. 

The B Plot

Unpopular opinion? I love Gracie.

I love her to pieces, so watching her rebel and dance and drink her way through her first real day on the "outside" was endlessly entertaining.

Felix and Mrs. S received a hefty chunk of story in this plot too, which is always nice to see. Their mother-son bond has always been less fraught with tension and anger than the mother-daughter bond between Mrs. S and Sarah. Plus, both characters have faded to the background a bit this year. Highlighting them together was a smart move.

Gracie stole the show in black cutoffs and fishnets though, which turned out to be a surprisingly good look for her. She has lived her entire life shut away from the world, under the strictest of rules and beliefs, so seeing her challenge those beliefs and let loose a little seems like just the right direction for such an impressionable character. 

They're all just people, love. Even your Mark.


Unfortunately for our little redhead, sleeping with Mark might have been a very bad choice for her. Unless I'm understanding this wrong, the Castor clones have some sort of deadly STD that very quickly develops symptoms. The first being bloodshot eyes and crippling abdominal pain. 

Detective Bell's discovery that Rudy and Seth's one night stand is also infected doesn't bode well for Gracie. 

The C Plot

After a few episodes without Delphine, I think we were all ready to see Cosima dip a toe back in the dating pool.

And she scored a winner on her first try with online dating. Of all the clones and conspiracies on this show, I actually think that is the most unbelievable element of the story so far. 

She and her new flame, Shay, hit it off right away, and while their interactions were small, they were also deep. Past heartbreaks, funny anecdotes, and a seriously steamy kiss? Yeah, that sounds like it's headed in the right direction. We'll just have to see how long Shay sticks around once Delphine returns next week.

Do you think Paul will get Sarah out of Castor? Or will Helena return and save the day? Sound off in comments below! 

And if you missed this awesome episode, you can watch Orphan Black online via TV Fanatic to catch up! 

Scarred by Many Past Frustrations Review

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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

You, baby Jesus. Come upstairs with me.


The military is just another family, Sarah.