Jane the Virgin Round Table: On Her Own

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Jane has dealt with a lot change, but at some time it had to come to a breaking point. Right?

Well... after she tried to remain civil about her breakup with Rafael on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 20, Jane decided to take drastic measures for the future of her child. She wants custody.

Below, join TV Fanatics Terri Clark, Amanda Steinmetz, and Mary Kate Venedam as they discuss Jane's big decision along with the truth of Alba's accident, and the return of Luisa. 

Are you ready? Let's begin.

Jane The Virgin Round Table 1-27-15

Jane wants full custody of future Baby Solano-Villanueva. React.

Terri: It’s devastating, but understandable. Rafael is really making a royal mess of things and will kick himself later when something reveals the truth. Hopefully it won’t be too late, but I’m thinking it will be.

Amanda: It’s a drastic step for sure, but I understand her frustration. She doesn’t want to be a part of the drama comes with Rafael’s family and Petra, but she’s also mad at Rafael for not being on her side.

Mary Kate: It's sad that Jane has become so frustrated that that is how she is forced to retaliate. I sort of understand because of everything that has happened to her and Rafael and everything that has happened in his life, it doesn’t mean she should take away their child.

Do you think Rogelio overreacted to Xo kissing Marco? Is there hope for them?

Terri: Rogelio is nothing if dramatic so of course he overreacted. I do think there’s hope for them, but something needs to force his ego aside.

Amanda: He definitely overreacted, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. Rogelio is always dramatic.

Mary Kate: Yes, Rogelio overreacted. Xo was sincerely apologetic for what happened. She obviously loves Rogelio and he should have realized that and known Xo had no intention of hurting him. Once Rogelio realizes this, I see there could be a slimmer of hope.

Should Petra have lied for her mother about Alba’s accident?

Terri: No! Her mom is a monster and she’s just enabling her bad behavior. I get that she’s all Petra has, but ultimately the women causes her more problems than she fixes.

Amanda: Of course not, but Petra is easily manipulated by her mother. She also doesn’t have that many people to turn to, so she wants to believe in her mother and protect her. Petra needs to learn to stand on her own.

Mary Kate: Big fat no! Petra has been doing so well. The fact that the second her mother returned she has started to return to her lying, manipulative ways, shows how much of a bad influence her mother is on her.

Luisa’s back. Do you think she’ll return to her crazy ways?

Terri: Yeah, she’s a bit wack-a-doo, but you can’t help but laugh at her antics. I loved that she knew what Rafael and Petra were doing all along and played them to her benefit.

Amanda: I think she’s always crazy. She loves her brother and wants to help, but she’ll always be a little nuts.

Mary Kate: She definitely started the episode crazy, but once Rafael needed his sister, Luisa was there for him and kept the crazy to a minimum. I wonder if it’ll stay that way.

Who does Jane belong with: Michael or Rafael?

Terri: I was totally team Rafael, but he’s making bad choice after bad choice. It’s killing me! I want the sweet and romantic man Jane fell in love with. I know he genuinely loves her, but if he’s not careful she’s going to reunite with Michael.

Amanda: I’m still firmly on team Michael. I appreciated that he didn’t immediately try to get back together with Jane right after her breakup with Rafael. I know I’m in the minority, but I want to see them back together. Rafael is a good guy, but I’ve never been taken with him.

Mary Kate: I’ve always been on Team Rafael. However, there’s no denying that her and Michael have a lot of chemistry. Seeing Rafael in this dark place is interesting to see and it makes it more complicated to be on Team Rafael, but I’ll stick with that team for now.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Terri: When Jane broke down. Her fear of being a single mom, of being alone was heart-wrenching and palpable. I also liked the scene between Alba and Father Cheech.

Amanda: Even though it was sad, I have to go with the moment Jane broke down in front of Alba. I love those emotional moments. As far as funny scenes go, I loved the wrestling alter egos!

Mary Kate: As much as it is heartbreaking to see Jane have her emotional moments, those moments make me love her character more. Gina Rodriguez knows how to make you feel for her in those scenes. Other than that, I loved the subtitles this episode incorporating what was happening to everything else in the episode.

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