iZombie Photo Preview: Peyton Resurfaces!

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This week's preview is a bit sparse, and these photos will leave you with more questions than answers. Very sneaky, iZombie promotional team. 

Nevertheless, iZombie Season 1 Episode 8 is shaping up to be a nail-biter, as all our favorite side characters inch just a little closer to danger.

Peyton, ever the topic of hot debate among iZombie fans, gets back into action to help Major track down his missing kids. Ravi, too, appears to be part of the team up, but I suspect he's the only one that knows exactly why these kids are going missing.

He can't exactly tell Liv's two closest friends that they're digging into the world of the living dead, can he?

Blaine won't be too appreciative of their meddling, however, and he'll issue a warning. Something tells me Blaine's version of a 'warning' isn't exactly cuddly.

Elsewhere, Liv eats the brains of a relationship radio show host, giving her the sudden urge to psychoanalyze the people around her. Let's hope she turns some of that wisdom on herself because her personal relationships could use some serious reflection.

Things with Lowell will be heating up, but Major is always simmering on that back burner. 

Finally, Ravi's love life causes some issues for Liv. If I had one guess, I'd say he and Peyton might hit it off during their time together. Hmm...

Be sure to catch up on all the previous episode and watch iZombie online. You'll be all set for "Dead Air," which airs Tuesday, May 5th at 9/8c on The CW.

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