Chicago PD Round Table: Is There Hope For Lindsay?

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Now that's how you do a season finale!

Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 24 found Voight being pushed away by Lindsay, all thanks to Bunny. Ruzek and Burgess are engaged and we also got another solid case to close out the season.

Below, TV Fanatics Doug Wolfe, Stacy Glanzman and Mary Kate Venedam are joined by super fan Ann. Join in as they discuss Lindsay quitting her job, Burgess and Ruzek becoming Burzek and how bad they feel for Halstead...

Chicago PD 1-27-15

Lindsay quitting her job and staying with Bunny: React!

Doug: What a huge disappointment. She’s making bad choices after bad choices, non-stop. The root of it all is her self-loathing, so obviously she feels she deserves all of this, and is staying with her mother only because dear old mom is now her enabler. I hate this sub-plot even while I understand it, just as I hate that we have to wait until the next season, while knowing that the depths of her fall demands that kind of time to reach its full maturity.

Stacy: I'm actually loving Lindsay's story line. Sophia Bush is knocking it out of the park. Lindsay and Voight's relationship is one of my favorite aspects of the show and it's weird to see someone as strong as Voight look so lost. He's so used to being able to get his way by any means necessary, but that's not happening now. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out next season.

Mary Kate: Lindsay is in a dark place and Bunny is not the person who should be helping her. All she is doing is dragging her in deeper and taking advantage of Lindsay's vulnerable time. I so wanted Voight to drag Erin out of that bar and take her far, far away from Bunny. There are way better people who could help her than Bunny.

Ann: I didn't see this coming, but knowing Bunny as much as I do, she is low life garbage and that is being nice. She has wanted Erin to come back to her since the episode when Voight paid off her debts. BUT......he told her then, now that this is done, leave Erin alone. Erin went running to her knowing she is the one person who will enable her no matter what.

So I blame the whole thing with Erin quitting her job, on Bunny, this is all Bunny, she is selfish and conniving she wants to make Erin feel bad about herself and live back with her she will accomplish this and Erin will double think what her actions has cost her and want her job back, Hank will make this happen, however, he will make her work for this.

What did you think of the case?

Doug: This story had the makings of a multi-episode arc, and perhaps should have been. Voight going after a guy like Roland is like Clash of the Titans. Except that Voight is marginally better, as he isn’t into killing people to feed his corruption. He has still proven himself corrupt in the past, though. The way Roland was looking at him at the end, my guess is that this isn’t over. Roland *knows* Voight.

Stacy: Corrupt cops ripping off drug dealers; what's not to like? I was disappointed that Carter gave in to temptation, even if it was one time. I wouldn't mind if Roland made another appearance.

Mary Kate: I thought it tied some of the stuff from the personal story into the case story. I hated that guy for throwing Lindsay under the bus. He was scum. The case had enough drama to end the season with, yet not overshadow what was happening in the bigger season-ending story: Lindsay quitting.

Ann: Well this was not one of the better ones, that's for sure. For one thing, Erin is not a dirty cop. Roland, on the other hand, is a piece of crap that don't deserve to draw another breath. I agree with Doug, Roland knows that this is not over and he knows how devious Voight can be. Voight does what has to be done, to protect his family.

For all intents and purposes, Erin is his daughter, "like a friend, like a father and now like your boss," BOOM he hit that one out of the park. I really hope Voight can find something on Bunny and lock her up for a long time. I think Teddy should have been a part of it somehow and maybe he still will. He usually can talk to Erin and she listens sorta.

Burgess and Ruzek are engaged. React.

Doug: It’s too early. I get that they’re nuts about each other, but it’s just too early in their relationship to take it to that level.

Stacy: I really like them together, so I'm happy about the engagement. Ruzek probably could have been more romantic about it, but for them it actually seemed to work. It was cuter than it probably should have been.

Mary Kate: YAY! I love their relationship so much. I was honestly worried that something bad was going to happen in the relationship until right before the proposal. So glad I was wrong. I think they just need to stay together because CPD does not need two will-they/won't-they relationships; they already have that with Jay and Erin.

Ann: I have been waiting for this. I hope it leads to marriage; the whole white wedding thing, and I hope that Burgess can talk some sense into Erin. Girl to girl, I think Erin will listen to Burgess and possibly Ruzek, while she shuts out all else. I can't wait to see what happens next in this scenario. Love them together, along with Halstead and Lindsay. It will work out for Kim and Adam.

Grade the season finale.

Doug: I give it a B- only because of the effect of the Lindsay story. The whole season would get an A…but Lindsay’s story just sucked. (Which, I hasten to point out, means it was well-written.)

Stacy: I give it an A. I thought it was one of the best episodes of the season.

Mary Kate:I'd say a solid B. As sad as the Lindsay spiral story is, Sophia Bush is kicking butt with it. I'll agree with Ann that Bunny was so utterly frustrating throughout the whole episode. Bad Mom Award. Other than that, there were a lot of good qualities to the finale, I just wish Lindsay wasn't going through this bad time and quit Intelligence.

Ann: I give it a B- because I can't stand to see Bunny's face, can't stand to see Erin hurting this way, making herself feel the guilt that she really doesn't have to, but this is her spiral into the deep dark hole because of her guilt, she will emerge, hopefully, stronger and able to handle anything comes her way. This will be a wait and see.

On a scale of 1-10, how bad did you feel for Halstead when he saw Lindsay had company?

Doug: Maybe a 6. I don’t feel too bad for him. He’s a grown man who’s able to figure things out and realize that everything Lindsay is doing has a root cause that has nothing to do with him. He’s intelligent as well as loving, and I think he’ll be good for her, once she’s pulled out of her darkness.

Stacy: I'll say a 7 because even though his head is telling him she's in a bad place right now and this doesn't mean anything, his heart has to hurt seeing that. He knows this is self-destructive behavior and he wants to help her, but doesn't know how.

Mary Kate: I'm not sure about the guy at the apartment, but, in general, I feel bad for him like 8 or 9. Obviously, Erin's dark place is much less of an issue than how she's making him feel, however, poor guy just wants to be there for Erin, but she won't let him in. What got to me was he finally gave his little talk to her. Pretty sure I heard a voice crack.

Ann: I will score it an 8, I agree Doug, he is a grown man who's able to figure things out. But this will still hurt him because he loves her so much, I think between him, Ruzek, Burgess with a little dash of Voight and possibly Atwater, they will bring her back, maybe not where she was, maybe even better or maybe just shy of what she was.

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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't think you fully understand this situation. You come into my city, steal from me. The only reason you're still breathing is cuz I don't let debts go unpaid.


I'd like to know how a bunch of cops from suburbia got the balls to crossover into the city, rip off a dealer, and are eating burgers like they don't have a care in the world.