Chicago PD Round Table: Goodbye, Nadia

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RIP Nadia Dakota, we'll miss you.

Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 21 forced us to say our goodbyes to Nadia in one of the most heartbreaking storylines to date.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman and Paul Dailly are joined by super fan Ann. Read on as they say their farewells, debate how Lindsay will cope in the aftermath and discuss the possibility of Benson laying roots in Chicago..

Chicago PD 1-27-15

Say goodbye to Nadia.

Stacy: It's sad that she died, and so brutally. I liked her relationship with Lindsay and Platt. She had potential to be a really interesting character. It was pretty obvious it was going to be her though from the spoilers.

Ann: What an episode, I loved Nadia. She was a friend to Platt who didn't have very many at Chicago PD, and to Lindsay, as well. She didn't deserve to be killed off that way, with such a horrific death. What were the powers that be thinking? Who was sitting on stupid the day they chose that episode, because someone was definitely sitting on the throne of "color me that with the fat crayons" on that one. Why Nadia? She was just coming into a new chapter of her life. I will say I hated that part of the episode. Goodbye Nadia, you will be missed.

Paul: I also loved Nadia and found it so shocking that she was killed. I kept thinking that she was just going to pop up, but knowing how gritty this show is, I should have expected it. What is it with the Chicago shows always having the females in harm's way?

Are you a fan of these crossover events?

Stacy: Yes! I watch all three shows and the two they've had have been big events, though I've really enjoyed them. I would definitely like to see more of them, so it might get a little crazy if they throw Chicago Med in there, too.

Ann: Maybe once a month would be good. I like the three companies working together to solve the crimes. I liked the way they worked with all of the precincts.

Paul: I loved this one. The last one was a bit meh, but this one felt natural and not forced. They way it brought everyone together was excellent. I'd like them one once or twice a season.

How will Lindsay cope in the aftermath of Nadia's murder.

Stacy: Not well. She's going to blame herself. She took this girl off the street, got her cleaned up, got her a job, and in the end she still wound up dead. It's kind of ironic, really. It doesn't help that she left the safety of the station to go get Lindsay's cake. It's not her fault, obviously, but she's going to have a hard time coping. I'm sure Voight and Halstead will help her through it.

Ann: Lindsay is gonna be devastated and possibly lose it. She will either become aggressive with everyone because she will be in a lot of pain over Nadia's murder, or she shut down and pull away from everyone, But maybe Voight might just finally realize that Jay would be good for her. I think she may turn to Jay for comfort after the murder and trial.

Paul: Not very well. I'm guessing she will go down a dark path, but she will have moral support from her colleagues. I hope it paves the way for her to continue her romance with Jay.

Should Voight have killed Yates?

Stacy: No, I'm glad he at least roughed him up, though. Let him suffer in prison.

Ann: No, even though he really, really wanted to, I am glad he let him know that soon he will feel the pain that he inflicted upon Nadia and all the other women that he defiled and murdered. Voight knows a lot of people in prison and he will make sure he pays for her death. Voight will find a way.

Paul: He would have deserved it, but that would have been an easy way out for him, so the fact that he gets to rot in prison is just the icing on the cake.

If Law & Order: SVU concluded, would you like Benson to recur on Chicago PD?

Stacy: I wouldn't mind it. I actually really like the idea of Voight and Benson together. They're great as colleagues and they respect each other, but I think there could potentially be more if they lived in the same city.

Ann: I have thought about this since the first crossover and I think Benson and Voight make a great couple as partners and as a romantic pair. So my answer would a positive yes, I would love to see that kind of a thing between the two of them and have her move to Chicago, maybe transfer to Chicago PD.

Paul: I'd love this. It would be an excellent way for fans of both shows to check up on the character and she brings a lot to the table.

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