Arrow Season 3 Finale Review: My Name is Oliver Queen

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Did you see it?? The shark that Oliver jumped over as he fell toward the waterfall just before Felicity – in an ATOM suit she couldn't fit into in a million years (let alone maneuver) – flew by to save him...did you see it??

If you say you missed the shark jumping in Arrow Season 3 Episode 23, I'm going to have a hard time believing you, because that was the worst episode of the series and served absolutely no point.

Well, that's untrue. It was clearly thrown together to prove that the rest of Arrow Season 3 wasn't a total waste, as the worst was yet to come! The finale was horrible and the perfect exclamation point on a messy and wandering season of what was a really great series in Seasons 1 and 2.

It didn't start out all bad. After Team Arrow woke up and Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver's most trusted advisor (shush, you know he is, now​) tried to get everyone on board with the big plan AGAIN (and they wouldn't AGAIN), The Flash made an appearance, and damn if he wasn't as adorable as ever. 

A lot of you have been mentioning in the comments that Club Nanda Parbat might as well become a vacation destination of choice, what with the life affirming hot springs and the special time-saving portal whisking people back and forth in a snap. It was like an inside joke that Barry noticed how magnificent it was. 

Things pretty much went downhill from there. Upon arrival in Starling City, Diggle punched Oliver in the face and Felicity was making honeymoon quips about Oliver and Nyssa. While their friendship was being tested, their city was at stake. That crap felt juvenile and misplaced. Then again, it fell right in with the tone of the hour, now that I think of it.

Despite the overall consensus being that the flashbacks this season have served little to no purpose to the immediate narrative, there were more of them during this hour than ever before. The best guess was that they led up to a sad goodbye. Just because Oliver said goodbye in the past doesn't mean we have to line it up with a present goodbye. They were not similar in the least.

There was a random scene between Laurel and Capt. Lance tossed into the middle of things just to remind us of how far the once loved Captain has fallen. To make matters worse, he's drinking again. I was certain that was his death knell, but he pulled it out to be angry at the world for another season.

After all the build up to Oliver possibly being the next Ra's and Ra's wanting Oliver to be reborn by destroying his city, the virus was hardly more than a whimper when all was said and done. Team Arrow worked together to destroy it right quick, which was good, but learning Ra's was using it to destroy Damien Darhk? Lame.

The fight between Oliver and Ra's on the dam was terrible to watch. They looked hilarious fighting the lone duel with Ra's hanging his arm behind his back while the police looked on. It wasn't a well matched duel and the taunts about love and loyalty didn't work.

Was anybody else shocked that Felicity actually wanted Ray to go save Oliver and turn his back on Starling City? But, Oliver! I mean, really. Not only was she asking that of her ex, but she's part of a superhero team, so...get your priorities straight for goodness sakes.

Only the SCPD would be terrible enough to riddle a man with bullets armed only with a sword from yards away. And they're worried about street thugs? There would be a riot in the streets every day with that force on the beat. 

Yet, if they hadn't pulled such an embarrassing move, then Felicity couldn't have predictably flown by in the ATOM suit to save the day. There is so much about that scene that is wrong, there aren't even enough words to describe it. Doesn't fit. Not enough time to tweak it. Or learn how to use it. Or point it. Blah, blah, blah.

The writing for Felicity has been terrible for a while now. Where there was once a spark between her and Oliver, it now feels as though a wet blanket has been thrown over the pair. There is nothing left of the two of them to cheer about. They were only to the spark and first date stage before the shippers thrust them into overdrive, so it's not surprising they never had time to determine how to move forward in a way that felt natural.

So Oliver gave the League of Assassins to Malcolm Merlyn. He made a deal with the devil. I'm not sure that was a deal he should have made or that he had a right to make. Despite what Malcolm did in recent months (and he was pretty cool in the finale), he still has a wicked history not to be trusted with such an endeavor. Will this be what drags Oliver back into the game?

Because, oh yeah, Oliver quit. He's done. He's taking Felicity with him. Team Arrow will carry on the fight. Thea joined wearing a suit that doesn't fit all that well, but she's not in a belly shirt, so it's a start. Oliver named her Speedy. Diggle will think about a suit of his own choice and my vote is he is the new Arrow. Get into the next archery class, Dig, your city needs you.

The very best thing that could happen to Arrow right now would be for Oliver and Felicity to put the pedal to the medal and to keep on driving. See the sights. Skip Arrow Season 4. Sit this one out, kids. You've over stayed your welcome.

Arrow should be about heroes, action and villains. Romance shouldn't drive the storyline, but somehow that has become the focal point of Oliver Queen's quest. It's not working. Something has to give and until someone figures out how to write for the entire series without sacrificing the magic that was found in Arrow Season 1 and Arrow Season 2, then let the supporting cast do the heaving lifting while Oliver and Felicity do their lovemaking off screen.

Word was we'd have some idea about Ray's future plans on DC's Legends of Tomorrow by watching the finale. So it will take place in heaven. I would not have guessed that! Very cool. OK. He's obviously intertwined with his nanites somehow, but that's about as clear as mud. 

I was not originally keen on the idea of The Flash Season 1 finale coming in and time warping Arrow Season 3 into oblivion. I've changed my mind. Bombs away. Please. Erase it. Dallas this beyotch.

Agree or disagree? BEST FINALE EVER or did you SEE THE SHARKS JUMPING?? Hit the comments and talk about it. 

You can also watch Arrow online if you want to relive the greater moments of Arrow, before the time of shark infested waters.

My Name is Oliver Queen Review

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