The Messengers Round Table: On A Mission From God!

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Welcome to the Round Table for The Messengers Season 1 Episode 1, where TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Jim Garner, Ashley Bissette Sumerel and Amanda Steinmetz will be discussing the pilot of the new CW show.

In their first chat, they'll go over what worked about the pilot and what turned them off. They'll also chat about the main characters and how they think the show will handle the topic of religion.

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The Messengers Round Table

What grade would you give the pilot? In your opinion, what worked and what didn't?

Paul: C. The concept was really good, but the execution was horrible. The actress who played Erin wasn't convincing anyone that she was a mother. A lot of the dialog was atrocious, but as I said, the concept is good. A lot of shows have kicked off with a horrific opener and then turned into an excellent show, so I'm sticking with this one. 

Jim: I'm going with B-, I agree with Paul that some of the execution was horrible as the show had to rush to introduce us to all of the Messengers as they were normally, have the life changing event, then show us of how each has changed, and do it all in 42 minutes. The show could have really benefited from a two-hour premiere OR at a minimum, splitting the episode into two-parts, where you have the "event" happen right at the end of part 1 and allow all of part 2 to show how different they are.

Ashley: I'd say B- as well. It definitely tried to do too much in the pilot, yet it was still very slow. The only I reason I don't go lower on that rating is because I am intrigued enough by the concept to want to see another episode. 

Amanda: After watching it a couple times, I'd give it a B-. I think we all agree the concept is really interesting, but the execution of introducing us to everything was rushed. I'm curious to see how the next episode pans out. 

Out of the five messengers we were introduced to, who are you most interested in following? Who was your least favorite?

Paul: Vera. It might be because I loved Shantel Vansanten in One Tree Hill and have been waiting for her next regular gig for quite a while, but I like her character a lot. Least favorite was Erin.

Jim: Uh, what were their names again? There was swimming boy, angry science girl, drug mule guy, TV evangelist guy, and mother on the run from abusive cop ex girl... Seriously, I couldn't tell you any of their names from this episode, character development was a bit rushed (to put it mildly).

Ashley: I'm actually going to say Erin, because I enjoyed seeing the interaction with her daughter. I want to know what's happened with the dad, too.

Amanda: I'm going with Joshua, the TV preacher. There's something about that type of person that fascinates me. 

What are your thoughts on The Man? Is he the Devil or something else entirely?

Paul: It'd be far too easy to rule him the devil. He's something else, but we'll no doubt be waiting quite some time to find out what he is. I'm intrigued though.

Jim: Can we call him Johnny? Isn't that what was on his shirt? I'm not sure if he is the devil, but he certainly seems to fit the bill for fallen angel. Given he was able to see angry science girl's wings, only thing I can say for sure is that he is connected to them.

Ashley: Oh, I agree with Jim! Let's call him Johnny! I also agree with Paul that for him to be the Devil seems a little too easy. He's definitely one of the more interesting characters overall.

Amanda: Even though the show is heavily implying that he is the Devil, I'm not convinced yet. Maybe he's another messenger, but on the evil side; a messenger for the Devil maybe? 

What's your biggest burning question after watching the pilot?

Paul: Who is The Man?

Jim: What are their names, why do we care about them?

Ashley: What the heck is going on?

Amanda: Who's The Man, and why were these particular people "chosen"? 

Do you think the show will be able to maintain the heavy religious content without alienating the audience?

Paul: I have no idea on this one. I do think a lot of people will be turned off by the pilot because of how slow the premiere was.

Jim: The trick they need to figure out is how to be spiritual and not religious. A lot of stories suffer from not figuring out how to do that correctly and treat them as interchangeable, but they aren't. One will appeal to a bigger audience and not offer offense to any specific Christian faith, the other will appeal to one faith and the others will leave in crowds.

Ashley: I think that's the really interesting question. I imagine this is already controversial with some groups, and I can see it becoming even more so.

Amanda: I completely agree with Jim! The show needs to stick to spirituality, not religion. Supernatural has done a great job of finding this balance over the years, so it can be done. 

Amanda Steinmetz was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She went into retirement in June of 2027. Follow her on Twitter.

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