Quotes of the Week: Hotch Solves, Ragnar Rules and More!

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In quotable moments this week, there were two smart asses taking jabs at the internet by way of cat videos making the rounds. Can you guess who they were?

Elsewhere, Brennan got yet another familiar saying all wrong while playing a round of miniature golf on Bones, Richard seemed like her was warning of dire times ahead on Grey's Anatomy and Luke chats about his sparkles on Nashville.

In other words, it's just another week on television! We love it.

Flip around our slideshow and if we missed your favorite quotes from this week, hit us up in the comments. We'd love to know how you think!

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When Tishka went into space, the world started to dream again. If people were sad, or scared, or alone, they would look up at the sky and see Tishka, and be reminded that everything is possible. And following in his footsteps, people went to space too. He had never dreamed of going to space, but fate intervened. And once he got there, he could not go back. He left a puppy on Earth, his beloved Sashenka. Now, Tishka circles the Moon. He's looking out the porthole, thinking, "Everything would have been so much easier if I had been someone else; if I could be an Earth dog." But what could Tishka do? Tishka is not an Earth dog; Tishka is a space dog.


I do not exist. I exist only if the motherland exists.