Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

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This week's episode moved a bit slower than the breakneck pace of the premiere, but it also took the time to focus on the details that were getting hazy, which was very appreciated.

Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 2 was definitely a different kind of rollercoaster, but no less exciting for the change.

We established the three basic plots we'll be focusing on moving forward, and how each characters fits into them. Read on to see the break down. 

The "Original DNA": We've often wondered just where and how Leda and Castor started these clone experiments, and it's been hinted at a few times that they had an original 'source code' for all of their clones. The DNA that started it all.

Their very own Big Bang, if you will.

The mystery of this season seems to be finding those source codes, namely, two people: the original male and female whose DNA was used to create all of the Leda and Castor clones. All records of these two have supposedly been lost, but I'd wager that by season's end, we'll be meeting one or both of them.

Cosima's secret little key from Duncan will probably go a long way in helping that plot develop. 

Castor's Symptoms: Oh, boy. This is a big one.

We all know that Leda clones have the unfortunate tendency to develop a rare disease that manifests with blood in the lungs. Katja Obinger (the German) showed symptoms back in Orphan Black Season 1, and last year we saw footage of another clone who'd succumbed to the sickness, too. Now, Cosima is struggling with the genetic failure.

Castor too, seems to suffer from sickness, but of a mental variety.

In true military fashion, these male clones seem to regularly line up for logic and reason testing to evaluate their mental state, and Seth came up short this week. It should come as a surprise to no one that his deterioration came on fast and hard.

RIP Seth, you were super creepy. 

I'm here, brother. Don't hold on. Go easy. I love you.


The most interesting part of Castor so far seems to be the brotherly love that exists between all these men. Soldiers or not, they're just as devoted to each other as Sarah and her sisters. Maybe more so, having grown up together. That should create an interesting dynamic for the future, especially since Mark seems to have gone native and left his clone life behind. 

This mental deficiency too seems to be linked to the "Original DNA," as the Castor boys think that it will hold the answers to their little "glitching" problem. 

Helena in Captivity: This little conundrum can really be linked to all problems surrounding our favorite characters right now. Helena is at a very delicate period in her life, and one wrong push could ruin a lot of the progress that she made with Sarah last year. Castor could be just the push she doesn't need. 

Helena has been taken captive by Castor, which has put Sarah on a warpath to find her, despite the danger it puts her loved ones in.

It's also placed her at odds with Mrs. S, who handed Helena over in the first place. Sarah's relationship with Mrs. S has been a fan favorite for a long time, mostly because it toggles between devotion and betrayal so easily. They love and loathe each other nearly every other episode, which is always fun to watch.

I'm sorry, love, but you don't get to sit this one out. None of us do.


The smaller plots of the night go to Art, Allison and Felix, who have been a little sidelined thus far. 

Allison takes up drug dealing from her friendly neighborhood supplier, Ramon – does anyone else think this is a BAD idea for a recovering alcoholic? Art gets reinstated to detective, but he just can't quite seem to escape the clone shenanigans running rampant in his city. Felix takes over care for Mrs. S and tries to mend some fences between his family members. 

As a major Felix fan, I have to hope that he gets more screen time soon. The world is just a brighter place with his snark and charm. 

Now that Kira is safely out of the way, I've got a feeling this war is about to heat up even more. 

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Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis Review

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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm sorry, love, but you don't get to sit this one out. None of us do.


I think she might be concussed because she's being weirdly straightforward.