iZombie Photo Preview: Get Your Game On

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Liv's latest brain food comes in the form of an agoraphobic computer nerd, and I have weirdly never felt more connected to the show. Hmm.

The murder in question leads Liv on a wild goose chase through the world of online gaming, which is a delight for fellow nerd-boy, Ravi. Unfortunately for them, their victim is pretty much universally hated in the online community, making their suspect pool... infinite. 

Worse, Liv's newfound agoraphobia could start seriously limiting her abilities to investigate. 

We'll also get to see Liv's mother again (for the first time since the pilot), and she'll probably have a thing or two to say about Liv's sudden fascination with gaming. Who else thinks it will be less than constructive?

Elsewhere, Blaine gets "acquainted" with someone from Liv's life. Double or nothing that means Major, since he just got his butt kicked zombie style by one of Blaine's minions. Look out, Major, Blaine is not someone you want to be messing with! Will Major find out about the hidden zombie world already? Time to tune in and find out!

Things are really heating up in the iZombie world, so be sure to check out this all new episode Tuesday, April 21st! Plus, catch up on previous episodes when you watch iZombie online

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