Grimm Round Table: Bad-girl Juliette?

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The hits just kept coming for our protagonists on Grimm Season 4 Episode 18, "Misipeshu".

From Renard's bizarre behavior to Juliette's outlandish assault, it seemed like they just couldn't catch a break, even as Nick faced off against one of those strange not-Wesen beings that seem to pop up every season or so.

Join TV Fanatic Round Table panelists Doug Wolfe, Allison Nichols, Robin Harry, and Kathleen Wiedel as they set the conversation ball rolling with a discussion of the Mishipeshu, bad-girl Juliette, Captain Renard's issues, and more!

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Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

Comment on this episode's Creature of the Week, the Mishipeshu.

Doug: Interesting choice for the beast. Definitely not Wogen this time, I think. I’m curious as to the Native American folklore, and whether or not any tribes were consulted on this episode.

Allison: I always like when we branch out of the Wesen world to show more supernatural beings and spirits that are present in the world. I'd also like to know how much of this was based in actual folklore.

Robin: I quite enjoy when the show delves into cultural folklore for the creature of the week, so this was really interesting for me. Though an animal spirit possessing a young man is a little more Supernatural than Grimm, it was a good turn on the story.

Kathleen: The Mishipeshu definitely fell into the "Other" category like La Llorona and Volcanalis. It was a spirit-being, rather than the typical Wesen that Nick deals with on a weekly basis. Plus, it drew from Native American lore, which has very fertile ground for a show like Grimm.

Do you agree with Juliette that Nick secretly likes this new bad-girl version of her?

Doug: Actually, I’m not certain that’s what she believes. She said that she likes the power that she has, and so does he – but I think she meant that he likes being a Grimm just as much as she enjoys being a Hexenbiest. I think she’s speaking the truth. The interesting thing is: Rosalee might find the “cure” for her, but my guess is that if she does, Juliette won’t take it.

Allison: I don't think Juliette will take the cure either. She likes the power that she has, and she loves being a part of this secret Wesen world. It would be really interesting to see her interact with more Wesen. I really want Bud to find out Juliette is a Hexenbiest because his reaction will be priceless.

Robin: I didn't think Juliette was referring to Nick liking her this way. Rather, I thought she was saying that she likes being a Hexenbiest as much as Nick likes being a Grimm, that they're both caught up in this world and neither wants to give it up. Though, last week she was threatening Renard if she didn't get her life back. I don't think Juliette knows what she wants.

Kathleen: I like where you're going with that train of thought, Robin. Until now, Juliette's always been on the outside, even more so than Hank or Wu, and even more vulnerable than either of them. Becoming a Hexenbiest has empowered her on multiple levels, and the effect is intoxicating. Though I wonder if Nick does actually find bad-girl Juliette more sexy than vanilla veterinarian Juliette...

Renard's list of odd ailments and strange behaviors continued. Any thoughts or theories on what's going on with him?

Doug: I’m stumped. Now it has changed his character, to the extent that he actually assaulted an innocent and took his wallet. If anything it’s making me more curious than anything else. And judging from the bullet hole manifestation, this all stems from his mother’s “cure” for him when he was dead. He says he’s been trying to get reach his mother, let’s hope he does so soon.

Allison: He has a lot going on. I can't decide if Renard is slowly losing control of himself because of what his mother did or not. We've seen creepy looking talons try to grab him, and I wouldn't associate those talons with Heaven. Maybe there is something going on with his soul? I just have some kinda out there theories.

Robin: Again with Grimm going all Supernatural; last week we had devil hands trying to take him, this week he's having blackouts and seeing weird things in people's wallets. I think Renard's mom probably isn't that great of a Hexenbiest since every spell she's cast has had ridiculous side effects.

Kathleen: This has been one of those plotlines that has dragged out a bit too much without any real explanation. Is the phantom bleeding connected to the visions? Are the visions connected to his memory loss and violence? Good question! Anyway, I wouldn't put it past the Royals to be messing with Renard somehow.

Rosalee questioned why everyone was automatically believing Henrietta that Juliette's condition was irreversible. What do you think? Might Henrietta be lying to further some hidden agenda of her own?

Doug: Henrietta seemed genuinely surprised the morning she told Juliette that her condition was permanent. So no, I doubt she has an agenda. I think Juliette is something she’s never seen before. It’s outside of her experience.

Allison: I don't see why should would have an agenda. She doesn't have a grudge against Nick that we know of or anything. I think Henrietta gave an answer that she believes to be true.

Robin: Anything's possible, I guess, though we've had no reason to think that Henrietta is connected to Team Grimm or any of their adversaries. At the moment, I'm inclined to think there is no agenda.

Kathleen: I honestly don't trust Henrietta. Hexenbiests don't exactly have the greatest track record on this show, and it's not like they've gone for a second opinion on Juliette's condition. Whether she has a specific agenda or not, I don't know.

Highlight a scene or quote that stuck out for you.

Doug: I really like the failed pickup scene in the bar. I totally expected Juliette to woge and was not disappointed when she finally did.

Allison: I loved Wu asking Renard how much of the crime in Portland is Wesen related. I was kind of surprised when Renard gave a straightforward answer.

Robin: "So, who's hungry?" Oh Monroe, I love your awkward humor.

Kathleen: I enjoyed the bar scene, too, Doug; I felt really bad for the guy who had the misfortune to hit on Juliette!

What, if anything, didn't work?

Doug: Lately we’ve been seeing few actual Wesen and more weird supernatural beings. I get that they would want to change things up now and then but I kind of miss the Wesen community and bad guys.

Allison: I didn't like the new Renard complication. We don't have any answers on his weird dreams yet. Wasn't he going to ask Rosalee and Monroe for help with that?

Robin: The Juliette-hexenbiest and Renard-side-effect stories are seriously dragging, and there was no Kenneth or Royal activity this episode either. I enjoyed the creature of the week, but there was too much of that plot and not nearly enough of the main arc. Grimm has had trouble with the pacing of its stories, and I feel that's happening again now.

Kathleen: I have to agree with Allison and Robin regarding what's going on with Renard. There are too many questions about what's going on with that, and not even a tease as to an explanation.

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