Game of Thrones Round Table: Reunions and Promotions

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Arya finally arrived in Braavos this week, but she was turned away at the House of Black and White.

Elsewhere, Brienne ran into Sansa and Littlefinger, only to be turned away as well on Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2.

Join TV Fanatics Doug Wolfe, Lindsay MacDonald, Amanda Wolf, Jim Garner and Hank Otero as they discuss those moments, Jon's big promotion and Dany's first major mistake in this week's Round Table.

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Why was Arya turned away at the House of Black and White only to be allowed in later?

Doug: I really have no idea. I thought maybe they were somehow watching her as she waited outside of the door, just to see how committed she was, but that went away when she threw the medallion away and wandered off into town. So the “test of commitment” theory doesn’t work. I’m anxious to find out what it was all about though.

Lindsay: I figured it was a test too. Maybe to determine how far she'd come since Jaqen had last seen her, or how she's changed? Arya's story has always been very strange, so this is just par for the course.

Amanda: Maybe they just didn't want to let her in too easily. Or maybe they wanted to follow her around to make sure she was really alone and not just trying to gain access on behalf of someone else.

Jim: I think Amanda is on the right track, I think they wanted to see what she did when turned way before they let her in. I have to think that her fearless and calm warning to the boys to walk away came into play as well.  

Hank: I also thought it was some kind of test, but seeing Jaqen again confused me. I mean, he not only knows her but has experienced her bravery first hand. It will be interesting to see if we get a real answer about this moving forward.

Were you surprised that Sansa turned Brienne away? Does she really trust Littlefinger?

Doug: Sansa doesn’t trust Littlefinger as far as she can throw him. But she’s not the frightened waif looking for protection from whoever’s the strongest, either. I have a feeling she has a plan for Littlefinger, and allowing Brienne into the mix would have ruined that plan.

Lindsay: I wasn't surprised, but I was disappointed. I think so far, Littlefinger has kept her safe and followed through on all of this promises, and Sansa has learned how to manipulate him at little bit. He's a safer bet at the moment than Brienne, who would be an all new ally with all new risks.

Amanda: I wasn't surprised that Sansa turned Brienne away. Was she supposed to just get up and walk away with all of Littlefinger's soldiers standing around? Littlefinger is a lord now, which is as good as the law in GoT. I am also not sure that would have been a good idea. Littlefinger had a lot of muscle with him, while Brienne just had Podrick.

Jim: Like everyone else, I wasn't surprised. Doug maybe on to something with his theory that Sansa has a plan. I'm not 100% sure she has it that thought out, but maybe she does.  

Hank: I'm with Doug as well. Sansa's playing the game now and she definitely has a plan for Littlefinger. Brienne came out of nowhere and didn't fit in with Sansa's bigger picture. I do think she will ultimately trust Brienne, because her mother trusted her. It was frustrating after everything Brienne's been through to see Sansa treat her that way.

How do you feel about the Jaime/Bronn buddy road trip? Share your thoughts on the duo entering Dorne.

Doug: I think Bronn is up for anything that will profit him. I also think he’s in need of something to get his adrenaline going all the time - so this trip of theirs pretty much hits all of the right buttons for him. Jaime can trust him for only as long as there’s a clear profit to be made, however. If and when the chips fall, as they eventually will, Bronn will flee the sinking ship.

Lindsay: I'm LOVING the new team up, but I agree with Doug. If Bron needs to cut and run, he will, and Jamie will be left on his own. Just like with Tyrion, Bron's loyalty can only extend so far.

Amanda: I can't say I like where this story is going as it is a significant change from the books. However, as far as on screen chemistry and charisma go this duo is going to be a great to watch. To an extent they are the same person. Whether it be Bronn for himself or Jamie for Cersei, they will both do what they need to do to achieve what they want the most.

Jim: I wonder if we could convince HBO to do a "buddy-drama" mini-series featuring Jamie and Bron. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the more enjoyable stories to follow this season.  

Hank: I also have a feeling this team up is going to be a blast Jim. It's true that Bronn's only loyal as long as it's in his best interest. Will someone in Dorne make him a better offer? I can't imagine this trip to Dorne is going to go well. Will the duo sneak in? Will Prince Doran welcome Jaime openly? I can't wait to learn more.

Daenerys made a major mistake this week. Will the citizens of Meereen turn against her?

Doug: Absolutely they will turn against her - as we’ve already seen. Her dragons - and her control of them - is her only salvation at this point.

Lindsay: I think Dany's story this year is probably the most realistic and complex thing we've seen thus far in the series. It's a very real problem for her as a ruler. Doling out justice, while keeping the peace and uniting two classes of people who've been at odds for hundreds of years. It's a real challenge of her ability to lead and make tough decisions. At this rate, she'll be a seasoned ruler by the time she sits on the Iron Throne.

Amanda: I agree with Lindsay this is the most realistic and complex story we have seen in the series. Being the mother of dragons Dany would be the natural character to have everything go here way, but that isn't what is happening. She is still a teenager who took over a foreign city and is trying to make two classes of people come together. It was a really wise decision to recognize that she didn't know how to rule. Now we are seeing the results of that.

Jim: She will have to do some work to get them calmed back down. I was really hoping she was going to commute his sentence to something less than death, but as Amanda pointed out, she's never really ruled before, and this is one of those learning experiences.

Hank: I think Tyrion's arrival is going to be her salvation. Daenerys' story is complex and the stakes much more real. I think magically regaining control of her dragons would undermine that in a way. With Tyrion's guidance, Dany stands a better chance of ruling and avoiding terrible decisions like the one she just made. I can't wait to see those two characters share the screen.

Share your thoughts on what went down with Jon Snow. Were you surprised by his promotion?

Doug: I was amazed that George R. R. Martin allowed that to happen. Which only means there’s something even more dangerous in store for Snow than Ser Alliser Thorne. I think the scene is now set for Jon and Sam to meet the White Walkers. Here’s hoping Dany and her dragons get there in time to help. Speaking of Thorne - I doubt we’ve heard the last of him. He strikes me as a man given to vengeance: I don’t imagine he’ll take his defeat lightly.

Lindsay: Jon's been proving himself time and again in the Night's Watch, so it's not surprising that a majority (no matter how close the vote) would want him as their leader. But I was surprised that he took the position in favor of being named Jon Stark. No matter how far he's come, that's something he's wanted his whole life, and as far as he knows the Starks might be extinct.

Amanda: His promotion was a little less dramatic than I expected. It could have been drawn out for two episodes, with Sam lobbying for Jon and running his campaign.

Jim: I'm thrilled that he won the vote, but I'm with Lindsay on being shocked he didn't take the name Stark... He's wanted that his whole life and now he turned it down? Here's hoping things go well with the Night Watch!

Hank: I was not only surprised he turned down Stannis' offer, but that Stannis did not come down on Jon harder for killing Mance. The election of Jon Snow as Lord Commander wasn't a surprise. I mean, he's proven himself time and again. I'm just worried about the enemies he's making now, he's a real player finally.

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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Brienne: Lady Sansa, before your mother's death I was her sworn sword. I gave my word I would find you and protect you. I will shield your back and keep your counsel... and give my life for yours if need be. I swear it by the old Gods and the new.
Littlefinger: Please, Lady Brienne no need for such formality. You were Catelyn Stark's sworn sword?
Brienne: I was.
Littlefinger: Strange I knew Catelyn from the time we were children, she never mentioned you.
Brienne: It was after Renly's murder.
Littlefinger: Ah yes.

Cersei: There are only two like it in the world. The one I'm wearing and the one I gave to Myrcella.
Jaime: It's a threat.
Cersei: Of course it's a threat. Our daughter's alone in Dorne surrounded by people who hate our family. It's a threat.