Chicago PD Round Table: The Mob Doctor?

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Well, that got crazy real fast!

Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 19 was one of the strongest episodes of the season. Voight helped a woman locate her son, while the Halstead brothers revealed some shocking truths.

TV Fanatics Doug Wolfe, Stacy Glanzman, Mary Kate Venedam and Paul Dailly are joined by super fan Ann. Join in as they discuss Nadia's day out, Platt's mothering abilities and Voight's heart.

Chicago PD 1-27-15

React to Nadia's day out with Burgess and Roman.

Ann: Nadia's young, she saw a person of interest, even if they told her not to move. She was scared but so was Burgess when she found out what she did. I applaud her for her actions. Dangerous, yes, but she was able to help stop the truck. I can't wait to see Nadia out on the street as a cop. She will make a 'damn good one’.

Doug: Like Erin said, Nadia followed her instincts. That’s probably the best indicator that she’s a good candidate for the job. Of course, what she did probably could have gone south fast, so the commander was right to read her the riot act. She did everything right.

Stacy: Nadia made a call and it worked out for her, but she was very lucky. It could have just as easily gone horribly wrong. Yes, she has good cop instincts, but she doesn't yet have cop training, so I don't think it was the smartest move. That said, I do think she will make a good cop.

Mary Kate: It was nice to see Nadia in a different position. Although she was told to not interfer, I think she would've felt more guilty for letting the criminals get away. I hope we can see her more as she becomes a cop. Maybe a new partner for Burgess?

Paul: It was crazy. If I was her, I wouldn't want to go back out on the field again. No freaking way.

Would Platt make a good mom?

Ann: Platt would make a great mom. I love her character, she is smart, sarcastic, funny, and misunderstood. No one really tries to be her friend and Nadia became that at one point on her birthday. She has a hard time with showing how she really feels. I hope that she gets to help this child get out from under her drugged up aunt.

Doug: Platt has a heart of gold beneath that abrasive exterior. It shone so very brightly when she took the girl under her wing, however briefly. I really liked their interactions.

Stacy: Absolutely. She'd be strict, but fair, and she knows how to have fun too. She was great with the kid in this episode and quickly earned her trust. I really enjoyed that subplot.

Mary Kate: Although she's tough on everyone at the precinct, I think she would be a good mother. Tough, but nurturing. It was so sweet to see her interaction with the little girl, she was so good with her.

Paul: Yes! She might be a bit hard, but she has a soft side and would make a great mom.  It'd be interesting to see how she takes to Mouch's daughter.

What did you think of the case?

Ann: It isn't the greatest story line for PD, but it is certainly an everyday occurrence and a good one. I did like the part where Nadia had her ride along, liked when Jay kicked out that fan to escape the fire. Don't like they way Jay and Erin have to be, would like to have them back together. The thing with them is she is giving way too much control to Voight and not taking time to see what is in front of her.

Doug: It was an interesting case, but not outstanding. We didn’t actually get to see very much of it really, so it was hard to get too invested in it. Once again though we see that Voight has some cards up his sleeves at all times - and Halstead has to keep making decisions on whether to trust him or not. So in terms of advancing their characters, the case became a good vehicle.

Stacy: Not one of my favorites, but it was okay. The fire scene was intense and I admit I was expecting some cameos from Chicago Fire to come to the rescue. Missed opportunity.

Mary Kate: It was not what I expected. I thought Voight was going to be in a lot more trouble for his card showing up. However, it was glazed over real fast and Halstead was the only one who thought anything wrong of it.

Paul: I enjoyed it. The whole final third of the episode built up the suspense really well and for a minute, I thought I was watching some sort of blockbuster thriller.

Does Will Halstead have what it takes to be a mob doctor?

Ann: He certainly did take care of Charles Gray on a dime with no change. He is no doubt a good doctor but what kind of one. I don't think he has a place on PD, but maybe Chicago Med. Still there is something fishy about him, and I still don't like him.

Doug: I’m with Ann. For his brother’s sake I hope he doesn’t morph into a mob doctor, to be called upon at any time. He needs to go straight - but I’m getting the sense the man is far from that, at the moment.

Stacy: Yes, but I hope they don't go there. I watched The Mob Doctor when it was on (starring Halstead actually), and I don't think we need a repeat of that. He got the job with Chicago Med, so hopefully that means he's going to stay on the up and up, but it's clear he's hiding something.

Mary Kate: He definitely can work well under pressure and in odd conditions. Listening to others may be an issue, but it's good to know he cares about his patients.

Paul: He does, but it looks like he will be working over at Chicago Med if it goes to series. If not, he may be pulling some shifts as a mob doctor.

Describe how you felt after Voight gave the mother and son money for a fresh start.

Ann: It showed us that Voight is a good guy. First he helped Erin, then he helped Olive, and now he has assisted Michelle and her son Charles. Voight has a heart, just doesn't know when to be sure about his assistance, he helps people when 'he' thinks they need the help. I love Voight and one day he needs to let Erin make her own decisions about Halstead. They make a great partnership in every way not only on the job, but off as well. Then be the love interest of Olivia Benson of Law and Order SUV. They make a great partnership in every way.

Doug: Voight bends the rules whenever he wants, shakes down criminals like there’s no penalty for misbehaviour and is a pain in the butt to his superiors. But at heart, the man always means well, is always on the side of good and goes out of his way to look after those he respects. I like the guy. Like Ann says though - he needs to butt out of the private lives of his team.

Stacy: That's just what Voight does. He's brass with a tough exterior, but the guy has a heart of gold. He gets invested in people, granted sometimes too invested, but he means well. I think he's a great character and I love his relationship with Lindsay.

Mary Kate: It seemed something very Voight-like of him to do. I think he was trying to do whatever he could to help the son get out of a bad life.

Paul: I've had a lot grudges against Voight, mainly due to the way he treated Casey over on Chicago Fire, but I think after his actions in this episode, I have forgiven him. It only took like two years!

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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Lindsay: What'd Voight say?
Halstead: He told me his story.

Alright. so he's a good kid with bad friends.