Chicago PD Round Table: Is Platt Too Nice?

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Well, that was a gut punch of a case.

Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 20 presented us one of the saddest cases to date. Olinsky went down a dark path, but he was pulled back into the light by the end of the hour.

TV Fanatics Doug Wolfe, Stacy Glanzman, Mary Kate Venedam and Paul Dailly are joined by TV Fanatic super fan Ann. Read on as they discuss Olinsky's home life, Platt helping Nadia and that chilling case.

Chicago PD 1-27-15

What are your thoughts on the case?

Doug: It was a real heartbreaker. You can only imagine the horror those girls had to go through before they finally died. Once Olinsky connected the dots for Voight in his garage, it was easy to see why he was so haunted by their deaths.

Stacy: I enjoyed this one. I definitely felt for those girls and Olinsky. That's a rough one to have on your mind.

Ann: It was very sad seeing what happened to them. It was a needless waste of life for those girls to die such a horrible death. After Olinsky found out who they were dealing with, he was on the hunt and wanted to kill Denis Lee who didn't at that point. He found what he was looking for in his garage with Hank. I am glad his girlfriend will go to prison also.

Mary Kate: It was interesting, especially to see Olinsky take the case so personally. But after what he and Lindsay found in the warehouse, how could he not take it personally?

Paul: It was a gut punch. that's for sure. The subject matter was something that has been going on for years and had little media attention. I like how the show goes for more gritty cases.

Would you have been surprised if Olinsky pulled the trigger?

Doug: Not at all. In fact, I was surprised that he didn’t. As we all know though: the longer he had to think about it, the less likely it was that he was going to. The man keeps everything bottled up inside, so that when he gets to the breaking point, anything could happen.

Stacy: Yes, this team may have a history of going too far, but they do still have a line that they don't cross. It's one thing to rough up a suspect, but I would not expect him to shoot the guy, no matter how much he wanted to.

Ann: Not at all, in fact I was rooting for him to, I agree with Doug, I was surprised that he didn't. He is a good person, but even that scene would have put anyone person in that dismal light. But once he goes to prison, like Voight said, his life is over.

Mary Kate: I think as much as Olinsky would've wanted to pull the trigger, he wouldn't have. He cares too much for his family to go through with it. I'm glad Voight had the decency to stop before it could've gotten ugly.

Paul: Not at all. I was actually prepared for it. He is very hot-headed, but to be fair, he had a lot of built up emotion because the guy had evaded the police on several occasions.

Platt helping Nadia. React.

Doug: You know, I was impressed by the fact that the first thing Nadia did once she passed the exam was go to Platt. Platt has a heart of gold, and a few people are picking up on that. The more we see this side of Platt the more she grows on me. She often offers gruff advice – but it’s good advice just the same. I liked that advice she gave Nadia about putting the thumbtack in her shoe. That’s an old and widely known trick: it was surprising that the examiner didn’t ask to examine her shoes before the psyche test.

Stacy: I've always loved Platt thanks to her sarcastic sense of humor, but I like her even more that they're giving her some real depth. She really does have a good heart under that tough exterior and she cares about people. Kind of like Voight actually.

Ann: I was so happy that the first thing Nadia did was show Platt she had passed the exam. Of course Platt being Platt, had to take the tough role and say you only got a 95, but that is Platt. She was proud of Nadia and you could see it in her eyes. Platt wants Nadia to succeed, and if taking the tough role and pushing her will make it happen, Platt is all in for that. She is Nadia's friend and is rooting for Nadia, although she doesn't want her to know. Platt wants her to become a Chicago Police Officer.

Mary Kate: Platt is mostly seen as the hard ass, but it's nice to see her genuinely happy to help Nadia become a cop.

Paul: I liked this development. Platt has a lot of authority and shows it, but deep down, she is a nice person and wanted to help Nadia succeed.

Is Mouse a worthy addition to the team?

Doug: When you consider that most of the team consists of oddballs and characters, you can’t help noticing just how well Mouse fits in with them. I like him: he’s intelligent, innovative and motivated. Those are the key ingredients, I believe, to belonging to that unit.

Stacy: I like Mouse. He's funny and he fits in well. I think he's already bonding with everyone. I liked when Lindsay asked him to look into someone for her and he didn't bat an eye when she said it was Olinsky's daughter's boyfriend. He's already on board with looking out for the team.

Ann: He is an intelligence type person. They all have their own little quirks, and he is most assuredly a worthy addition to their team. He does his thing and acts like it is not hard to accomplish this. He is a fun type of guy and the answer is yes.

Mary Kate: I think so. He's similar and yet different from everyone in Intelligence. He also occasionally brings some comic relief to the intense episodes.

Paul: Yes, but it makes me thinks he has some secrets that are going to be revealed soon.

What are your thoughts on Olinsky's home life?

Doug: He’s got a good thing going with his wife and daughter. I was worried he was going to go into a kind of darkness for a while - which was Erin and Meredith's worry too. Luckily because of Erin, he was able to see the positives in his takedown of Dennis Lee. I kind of guessed when the doorbell rang that he had invited the boyfriend over - a sure sign that his mood is good.

Stacy: He has a nice family to help keep him grounded. Having something to lose definitely helps when making decisions like whether or not to shoot someone in the face. I think without them Olinsky could be in a much darker place.

Ann: Olinsky has a great home life. He has a wife who loves him above and beyond and a beautiful daughter who can pretty much make up her own mind about things. I loved it when the doorbell rang and it was her boyfriend. Shows what kind of a Dad he is. He cares about his daughter and wanted to let her know that the boy had his stamp of approval. We will have to wait to see where this goes.

Mary Kate: Unlike many of the other members, it's somewhat stable, for now at least. It was nice to see his interaction with his daughter and how protective he was of her. It was also nice to see that he came around to her new boyfriend in the end.

Paul: His wife clearly knows how hot-headed he is and that's why she reached out to get him help, before he went too far.

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