Castle Round Table: Espo and Ryan Get Lucky

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Forget about the murder of the week on Castle Season 7 Episode 19, all we wanted to see who’s got talent at the 12th precinct!

Our TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Stacy Glanzman, Chandel Charles, Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy from The 12th a Castle Fan Forum to debate Kate’s big secret, Ryan and Espo getting lucky, and whether or not they wanted to hear Rick called King Castle. 

Ready to jump in to this edition of the Castle Round Table?

Castle Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised that Kate didn’t share her stage fright with Castle?

Jim: Not really, this isn't the first time that Kate's kept something from Rick that would be embarrassing. Pretty normal for her. 

Stacy: No, I'm assuming it's never come up before now. She saw how excited he was and she didn't want to burst his bubble. She was willing to go out of her comfort zone to make him happy, which is really sweet. 

Chandel: Yes, they are married, after all. How had that not come out in some other situation? Then again, she really loves her man and wants to make him happy. I can understand trying to downplay the stage fright. She has a "Can-Do" attitude.

Robin: Not really. There seems to be a concerted effort made lately to make Kate more relatable, giving her normal-person insecurities and fears, and that fit right in there. 

Andy:  I was a little surprised that Kate didn't share that little tidbit of info with Castle but it's never really come up. Just another piece of the Beckett onion exposed.

Christine:  No, it didn’t surprise me. Kate has a natural tendency to be a bit secretive and this was something she felt embarrassed about. I thought it was sweet that she was willing to try in order not to disappoint him.

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate Esposito and Ryan’s “Get Lucky” performance?

Jim: Given it was a practice session and not the real thing, I'm giving it a strong 6. I wish we could have seen the final performance.  

Stacy: It was good, but I would have liked to see the final performance as well. I'll give it a 7, mostly for the badges at the end, which was awesome. 

Chandel: I am with Stacy, worth at least a seven. But, like her, the final performance was would have been nice to see!

Robin: I'm with everyone on this, I would have gone for a 7. I really, really wish we could have seen the whole thing.

Andy:  I'd give them a 9! A little out of sync lol. It was a very funny part of the episode and i must say I was humming the song all night. 

Christine:  I’m with Andy. They earned a 9 simply for making me laugh that hard. I only wish we had gotten to see more.

Given what was at stake in the bet, would you have preferred to see that dedication in Castle’s next book or hear the boys refer to Rick as “King Castle” for the next episode?

Jim: I was rooting for Rick/Kate all the way. I soooo wanted to hear Espo and Ryan calling Rick "Your Majesty" as you know they would have also had to call Kate "Your Highness". 

Stacy: I think it would have been hilarious to hear them call Rick "King Castle," but no terms were agreed upon for Beckett, so I don't think they would have had to call her anything. 

Chandel: "King Castle" would have been a chuckle, and I bet Rick's reaction each time would have been fun to see.

Robin: Definitely "King Castle".  It's even funnier because kings live in castles, so it sounds super weird. I would have paid to see their reactions every time it was said.

Andy: That's a hard one. I'd probably choose the boys calling Castle "King Castle" they could use that in an episode and it would be fun to see everyone's reactions.

Christine:  Although watching Rick preen every time they called him “King Castle” would have been a hoot, I would have loved to open my next Nikki Heat book and seen that dedication.

Was there anything about “Habeas Corpse” that you found disappointing?

Jim: Felt like that beat they talent contest sub-story to death, especially given we didn't even get to see the boys perform. If your going to spend 1/3 of the episode with banter and dialogue about a talent contest and bet, at least show up part of the freaking performance!

Stacy: That we didn't get to see an actual talent show. I'm with Jim, that was a lot of time to spend on a plot point that we didn't even get to see. 

Chandel: I am with the rest of the panel. For all the energy expended on the bet and the talent show, seeing the final product would have been nice.

Robin: Again, I agree with the panel.  I was counting on seeing that performance - I was disappointed we didn't.  Also, I loved hearing Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic sing, but seeing the shower silhouettes that obviously weren't them was a bit irritating.

Andy:  I think this episode was one of the funnier ones this season. it featured nearly the whole cast both regular and supporting. I would have liked to have seen Castle and Beckett perform at the Benefit though.

Christine:  I never expected to see the benefit (this show just doesn’t go there, as much as I wish it would) so I wasn’t disappointed in that. But somehow I would have loved to have seen Espo and Ryan perform, “The Crime of Their Lives” that won them the trophy last year. Just the thought of it makes me laugh.

What was your favorite line or scene from this episode?

Jim: I enjoyed the brief glimpse at Rick and Kate performing "I've got you under my skin" in the shower at the very end. But it did make me ask, how big is his shower in the loft? 

Stacy: I liked the conversation between Martha and Beckett. Beckett just looked so vulnerable which we don't get to see too often. I'm glad Castle overheard and saved her not only from performing, but also from having to tell him the truth and feel like she was letting him down. Classy move. 

Chandel: I root for Martha/Kate talks all day long, so seeing them have a heart to heart was good for me. I also liked seeing Kate help Alexis study for her exam in the very beginning, it's neat to see them interacting in that way and I would like to see more of it!

Robin: I have to go with Castle and Beckett trying to remove the plastic handcuffs. There was something about watching the two of them jump up and down that was endearing and hilarious.  I also love when Castle's right, so that was a bonus for me.

Andy: I loved when Castle volunteered Beckett and himself for the competition. That whole exchange with Beckett's line "That's not a routine, that's two naked people singing when there's no one around to see or hear it.”

Christine:  I loved Kate confiding in Martha and the fact that Martha didn’t try to downplay Kate’s stage fright but rather empathized with her. It was a very sweet scene between those two. 

Castle’s got the week off but if you can’t wait for the next new episode, you can watch Castle online right now here at TV Fanatic. 

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Castle Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Rick Castle: That thing in the shower. That is delightful.
Kate Beckett: That is not a routine. That's two naked people singing when there's no one around to see or hear it.

You're smart. You are intimidating and you look very, very good in a robe.

Rick Castle