Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 Review: Al Sah-Him

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He's gone, Felicity. Gone but not forgotten. Blah, blah, blah.

Those are a couple of the sentiments found in Arrow Season 3 Episode 21, followed by my personal opinion. Why the blah, blah, blah? Because one single action kind of throws the "gone" theory out the window, if you ask me. 

There's a lot about "Al Sah-Him" that was rather annoying. There were also some developments that were fun to see played out and that have promise going forward. But whether the annoyances were written to be recognized or not, they could have been done in some other way to make it more entertaining.

The fact I'll be in the minority in my opinion doesn't escape me even as I start writing this, but bear with me and hear me out. As I said, there were some positives. Such as Nyssa. Everything about Nyssa is wonderful all the time.

The friendship that has developed between Nyssa and Laurel is organic and fits well within the story. It makes sense that Laurel continues to share her thoughts about Sara and how happy it makes her to share a part of her sister's life that she thought she never would. She also gets to return the favor Nyssa is paying her in training by doing fun things like taking her to diners for normal life activities.

Nyssa: I never understood your country's need to fry everything.
Laurel: That's because everything tastes better that way.
Nyssa: This is more oil than potato.
Laurel: Put it in your milkshake.
Nyssa: I sense you mocking me.

It's well within character for both women to behave as they were. Laurel was a public defender at one point and when Nyssa, child of one of the baddest men on the planet needed their help, she flat out refused to turn her down.

Of course, it made little sense that Diggle and Felicity had turned against those needing that type of help so completely. They aren't the people I remember. Felicity has become whiny again and it's worse with Oliver gone. 

I'm unsure what they thought he was doing when he stayed behind to become Ra's al Ghul. On the other hand, it's been three weeks and the whole story is ringing false for me. Oliver Queen was stranded and tortured by myriad of people for five years. We're just a little over half the way through his ordeal. If he breaks in three weeks, I'll eat my hat. I have a few hats right in this room. I'll eat one. I don't believe for a second he's broken.

The biggest giveaway to this, and please let me know if you disagree, is that Al Sah-Him didn't allow Sarab (let's just use their League names when they're in the league and all that jazz) to frisk Felicity. Can we go ahead and agree he did this because he loves her? When he said, "Bind her," he should have been saying it to Sarab about Felicity because she wouldn't stop sassing the friggin' Heir to the Demon. 

But, no. He was merely suggesting it was time to bind up Nyssa for transport so they could release Lyla and she could go hug Felicity who was, of course, packing heat and all hell could break loose.

Now. The fact they knew Al wouldn't frisk Felicity OR hurt her if they found said heat means they didn't think he was so damn gone to be missing completely. But he didn't do that much at the rendezvous, really, to change their minds. Sure, he stabbed someone, but he kind of had to in order to keep up pretenses, right?

So...the whole thing rubs me the wrong way. The reactions of Team Arrow, that is. I'm gravely annoyed that they're so easily swayed. It's getting old. They have zero faith in him. I have no faith in him and I have more faith in him than they do. That's pathetic.

Carrying on with the good stuff.

Thea showing up at the rendezvous and shooting Al in the arm was fantastic. That leads me to believe that she's going to remain a part of Team Arrow in whatever capacity necessary and not move on with Roy (kind of a duh, but I just thought I'd mention it). If that's what resurrection does, I'm all for it.

I'm rather surprised to learn Nyssa was fighting with a freakin' bio weapon in her sword all this time. Isn't that a tad more dangerous then necessary? I hope that vial it's kept in has been crafted with Lazarus Pit water or something. Damn. Who is that stupid? I guess slash my "everything about Nyssa is wonderful" statement, because clearly this is a flaw.

We know who's getting married! I highly doubt Felicity will jump forth when the high priestess asks if anyone has any cause that these two people shouldn't get married...not that a high priestess would bother. They probably stomp on the alpha/omega vial and move on.

"Uniting" their two families seems like a great idea, except Nyssa is gay and Oliver is in love with someone else. Not the perfect conditions for a marriage, but maybe together they'll have the power to run the League from within as a force for good. Marriages of convenience have been carried out for worse reasons, and it would dash Ra's al Ghul's wishes. Hey, a girl can dream.

So do we assume the finale will be Al Sah-Him's delivery of the vial upon Starling City? Is it the Arrow Season 3 version of the Undertaking or the mirakuru men battle? How many times will big bads try to destroy the city before we just don't give a damn?

I mean, let's successfully relocate already. Get wind of it, and while the League of Assassins are making the 15-hour flight over (really), evacuate the city and let them dump some horrid plan upon an empty city. HA! New season, new location.

So those are my gripes and my appreciations of "Al Sah-Him." A little of this and a little of that. Here's a little more of this and that before we close:

  • Those carry-along fire pits really are too much. They really throw you when you're trying to determine where Al and Sarab are stationed at any given moment.
  • Was Laurel at Big Belly Burger or another, upscale burger joint? If it was BBB, it's gotten an upgrade since last I saw it. Mood lighting and all.
  • I really don't want anyone to kill Nyssa. Or anything.
  • Thea has ditched belly shirts for a classic peg leg capri and blouse look and it's adorable. Perfect style for her.
  • Laurel's conversation with Diggle about him and Oliver being as close as two people ever were seemed forced. But, overall, I liked it.
  • Al Sah-Him really should have had the decency to call a sitter for Sara before kidnapping Lyla. The League code must say something about that.
  • No wonder Sarab is so angry about Akio dying. He, essentially, killed him. 
  • Laurel using her Canary cry (for the first time that we saw) against Al Sah-Him was a good move.
  • The Black Canary showing up to a battle all dressed up with Felicity and Diggle in plain clothes was awkward. Someone needs a little identity concealment. 

Alright. It's your turn. Share your thoughts on all things good, bad or otherwise. Remember, you can always watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic any time you're feeling blue!

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Al Sah-Him Review

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Laurel: I have to admit, it's fun seeing you like this.
Nyssa: Like what?
Laurel: Like a normal person.
Nyssa: I am a normal person.

Nyssa: I never understood your country's need to fry everything.
Laurel: That's because everything tastes better that way.
Nyssa: This is more oil than potato.
Laurel: Put it in your milkshake.
Nyssa: I sense you mocking me.