17 Heart-Stopping Season Finales: We're Still Hanging from These Cliffs!

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As we approach finale season next month, we're bringing back some of the greatest season-enders of your favorite TV shows. 

Finales come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them are targeted at leaving you in a state of utter shock, begging for summer to be OVER already because reasons! 

These jam-packed episodes bring deaths, resurrections, explosions, and all those other show stopping numbers that leave you twisting and turning, desperate to discover what happened. 

They spark theories that range from predictable to preposterous, no matter what show you're watching.

Whether you're into vampires, attorneys, dragons, or doctors, we can all agree that these finales were some of the greatest WTF moments of all time. Or at least the last ten years...

Brace yourselves as we enter the final stretch of the spring season with this list of 17 finales that left our jaws on the floor, and remember what a great cliffhanger really looks like!

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