The Night Shift Q&A: Jill Flint Teases Battle for Chief, Naked Murse

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Last summer, The Night Shift was a surprise hit for NBC. With high hopes for The Night Shift Season 2, the network decided to make it a part of the winter schedule.

Jill Flint stars as Dr. Jordan Santos, one half of a fiery romantic duo working in San Antonio Memorial Hospital. She took some time to chat with us about what to expect this season and excerpts from our phone call follows.

Jill Flint as Jordan Santos - The Night Shift

Topher seems pretty comfortable with his position as acting chief and Flint agrees.

"He needs it!" she exclaimed.

Jordan doesn't. Although she fought for the position, losing it after possibly killing someone has been someone freeing. "She's loving not being bogged down by paperwork. She's loving that she can be more in touch with her patients. She's loving the fact that she can go out in the field more. So it's sort of reinvigorated her passion for what she does."

Flint explains it will come out in a discussion she has with Topher, "about who should get the position and who doesn't and who wants the position and who doesn't. It's actually quite funny. She's OK with it."

Did she know when the series started that Jordan and TC would be so hot together? Flint laughed, "You know, when you get cast with someone and there is no chemistry read and you don't get to meet them prior, you hope to God that there is some sort of chemistry between the two of you, otherwise you're out of a job! I'm glad audiences are responding to us and they like what we're doing. The two of us are having a really good time. Eoin Macken is probably one of the most easy going, fun, laid back people, so he makes it easy."

After the events of The Night Shift Season 1, Jordan put it all out there and TC seems to be reciprocating. It almost looks too easy. Will their road get bumpy along the way? Flint shared:

"We have 14 episodes to build this up and break this relation down. The truth about these two characters is that no matter what happens between them they will always be bound to each other. They have something between them that no one else understands and they've been through a lot together."

She asked about that feeling of having had a relationship with someone and seeing them again, after a long time, across a room and there is just an understanding between you. "It's the same thing with the two of them," she said. "There's always a draw. Whether it's good or bad, it's always there between them."

"Jordan has a best friend!" Flint exclaimed when we started talking about Merle Dandridge, who has joined the cast as Gwen. "

Without giving too much away about Gwen's character, she's had some tumultuous relationships in her life as well. She's a very good friend and she's extremely protective of people she cares about and she's a solid person and a stabilizing person in Jordan's life, whereas TC can be a little bit disruptive. She has complete polar opposites on both sides at this point."

What can she share without spoiling us? Flint had something the murcenaries will love. "Oh! I'll tell you one thing, if you ever want to know what JR Lemon looks like with no clothes on, you should tune into The Night Shift Season 3 Episode 8. There's your tease! I hope that whets their appetites. We have a naked murse on the loose."

What about all of the social interaction the cast and crew does with the fans while the show airs? Flint loves it. "It's like a natural progression of how we are with each other anyway," she said, "You're getting feedback from your fans, good or bad, from your fans in real time. It's sort of a powerful tool to gauge what people are liking, what they're responding to, what they're not liking. And so far, across the board, our Twitter fans have been really, really vibrant and really vital. It's been great and a lot of fun."

It helps fans invest in the show and feel connected in a way that was never possible before. Flint agrees,"We want to share the stories with you, we want to share what's going on behind the scenes. We want you to know us a little bit, you know, so you can sort of feel like your a part of the whole thing, so we can bring you in."

While some people have said Tweeting takes away from experiencing the details of a series, it also gives viewers a chance to watch it a second time. Flint noted, "We're finding a lot of repeat tweets from our fans who may have been tweeting with us on Monday night who say, 'Hey, we just rewatched the show and saw that one scene and was really fantastic because...' so they're seeing it two and three days in a row." Flint enthused, "It's a fun show, you know? It's a really fun show, so we should be having fun our viewers."

Make sure you tune in to The Night Shift Season 2 Episode 2, "Back at the Ranch," airing tonight at 10/9c on NBC. We'll have a full review up after it airs!

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