The 100 Picture Preview: The Final Battle

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While you may be starting to come to terms with Lexa's heart-shattering decision to break the alliance to save her people, don't get too comfortable. There is surely more emotional devastation to come.

The Grounders have retreated, leaving Clarke to fend for herself. But, she is not alone. The 100 Season 2 Episode 16 finds many of our favorites reunited. And, despite the fact it's not under better circumstances, we are happy to have the gang back together.

This photo slideshow offers a preview of "Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two," and reunions aside, things are looking pretty dire for some of our heroes. 

It has all led up to this. And, while it is unfortunate that the Grounders have deserted the Sky People in this battle, it is fitting to have it culminate with our core group. 

While much of the season has been spent with characters dispersed, they are reuniting -- for better or worse. 

Part one of "Blood Must Have Blood" ended with Clarke, Octavia and Bellamy viewing the mountain from different vantage points: Outside, inside and from underneath.  

Seeing these three reunite and join forces will be a highlight of this final hour of season two. But there is work to be done.

Raven, Wick, Kane and Abby are clearly in trouble. And Maya can't survive outside of the mountain, so this battle will have serious repercussions for her, as well.

Meanwhile, Jaha and Murphy are still on the trail of the real City of Light. While not pictured in the photo preview, their journey is sure to end on a suspenseful note, setting the stage for The 100 Season 3 Episode 1. 

What are you most looking forward to from "Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two?" Sound off in the comments!

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