21 TV Couples Who REALLY Need to Couple Up Again

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It happens every day on your favorite TV shows: the dream couple, the greatest ship to ever sail, finally gets together.

Whether it's a kiss, a relationship, or even just a really hot roll in the hay, you scream and shout and flail like any good fan would.

And then inevitably... it ends.

They break up, or they decide to just stay friends, or it turns out to be a one time thing. Then you're curled up in your sweatpants with a giant tub of Haagen Dazs because your life is officially over.

We all have those couples that we loved together, but are sadly no more. So many of them deserve another shot at happiness!!

We decided to highlight a few of those couples this weekend and celebrate their sexiest hookups. 

Enjoy our Sexy Saturday list of couples who went there and absolutely need to go there again. 

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