Jane the Virgin Round Table: Yes or No?

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From pregnancy to romance to...proposal?? In the span of a few short months that has been the relationship of Jane and Rafael. 

On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 15, Rafael popped the question to a conflicted Jane. She made the right decision to hold off on fast forwarding their relationship, which left her baby daddy heart broken.

Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Terri Clark, Amanda Steinmetz and Mary Kate Venedam, as they discuss Jane's answer in addition to plenty other stories from the episode.

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Jane The Virgin Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Jane made the right decision regarding Rafael's proposal?

Terri: Much as it pains me to say so, yes. I adore her with Rafael, and love their chemistry, but it’s too soon. They need time to develop a greater emotional intimacy. The same kind of emotional intimacy she shares with Michael, the kind you share with a best friend. If Jane could develop that closeness with Rafael AND have their crazy, sexy chemistry, she would have the relationship all women dream of!

Paul: Yes. We saw how things went with Michael, so why should she rush into something so fast?

Amanda: Absolutely! Things were moving way to fast with Rafael.

Mary Kate: I am all for Jane and Rafael ending up together, but Jane definitely made the right decision. Jane has had so much change to her life in such a short span, she needed to control some part.

What's your reaction to Xo's almost pregnancy?

Terri: Yikes! I’m so glad it was a false alarm. No way did I want to watch a telenovela version of Father of the Bride II. It’s sad that Xo feels the only good thing she’s ever done was raise Jane. But that’s no reason to have a late-in-life baby. With Jane grown, and sure to move out soon, this can be a new chapter in Xo’s life. She needs to put herself first, explore who she is and try things she never imagined before.

Paul: I was really excited about the prospect of her mother being pregnant. It came out of the blue, but it kind of makes sense that she isn't. It would take a lot of the focus away from Jane's pregnancy.

Amanda: I could have gone either way with the pregnancy. It would have a fun twist to have both Jane and Xo pregnant. On the other hand, the important pregnancy storyline belongs to Jane for now.

Mary Kate: I agree with Amanda, while it would've been entertaining to see it and more importantly see Xo and Rogelio parent together, it was best that they focus on one pregnancy. If she gets pregnant later, sure, why not.

Any clues as to what Aaron Zazo's motives are and what was on that flash drive?

Terri: I don’t know, but I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop where Aaron was concerned. I just had this hinky feeling he was too good to be true.

Paul: I'm clueless on this one. The hard drive will most likely have some information about some more unsavory dealings at the hotel.

Amanda: No idea! The flash drive has to have information that would be bad for the hotel. Or it could have information on someone at the hotel.

Mary Kate: Nope. That entire story is very intriguing. I'm still thinking Aaron Zazo is Roman, but it's so interesting to see how that story is going to develop.

Do you think that there may be a future for Jane and Michael?

Terri: No. I’m sure the show will toy with the idea of getting them back together. Love triangles and all that. However, I don’t see them as more than best friends. Michael is comfortable and safe. He knows her inside and out. Does Jane love him? Absolutely! But she was never truly in love with him and only understood the difference when Rafael came along.

Paul: I'll never rule it out. The two of them spent so much time together and they were getting ready to be married, so it would seem plausible that Jane is not really over him.

Amanda: As a #TeamMichael member, I sure hope so. I loved the flashbacks of them in this episode. They were such a cute couple. Jane and Michael feel more like a real couple to me than Jane and Rafael.

Mary Kate: I can see them circling back to that relationship at some point. Their relationship ended so quickly as so many things were happening it's possible. With that said, I don't think they are end game. I am very much on #TeamRafael.

With Petra and Rafael joining forces at the Marbella, do you think they will make a good team or make things worse?

Terri: Way worse. Everything involving Petra is messy! Chances are things will go well for a while, which will encourage her to think she can win Rafael back. Then there will be more shenanigans and schemes. Either that or she’ll bring out some dark side of Rafael we haven’t seen before and won’t like.

Paul: A good team. No one would have ever expected this pairing, so they should stay quiet about it.

Amanda: This pairing is perfect. Instead of wasting their time arguing, they can team up and no one will see it coming.

Mary Kate: Yeah, I see some chaos coming. They both have similar goals, but something is going to implode and there's a chance they could be at the cause working together.

What was your favorite scene or moment from the episode?

Terri: I absolutely loved Jane dancing with glee when she told Rafael about her favorite author. Freakin’ adorable! It’s uninhibited, true moments like that which bring them closer together. He got to see her be a big dork and loved her all the more for it. The fact that he then took that information and built a proposal from it…sigh. Plus her reaction as she realized the author really was talking about her, that it was not her imagination, was priceless.

Paul: Xo telling Rogelio she is pregnant. It was so funny and I didn't know if she was joking.

Amanda: I loved the scene where they showed how Rafael perceived their conversation about her moving in. He thought she was dropping hints at getting engaged. Like the narrator said, "Guys hear what they want to hear".

Mary Kate: Everything surrounding Jane meeting Angelique. Here reactions were perfect and giving thousands of reasons to love Jane's character more (is that possible?). The massage was hilarious just seeing Jane's reaction to starting or even the excitement.

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