Jane the Virgin Round Table: Family Squabble

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Alba Villanueva has had her daughter and granddaughter with her all their lives.

When Xo announced that she was going to move in with Rogelio on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 16 Alba did not take it well and a fight ensued.

Join TV Fanatic writers, Paul Dailly, Terri Clark, Amanda Steinmetz, and Mary Kate Venedam as they discuss Alba's reaction along with plenty of other stories from this week's episode. Ready to begin? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Jane The Virgin Round Table 1-27-15

What is your opinion on the Alba and Xo fight? Should Xo and Rogelio wait to move in?

Terri: No, I think they're ready. Alba's the one who isn't. She obviously didn't take Xo seriously, but this time seems like the real deal and she's scared. It's always been the three of them and the dynamic is rapidly changing. Poor Alba probably wonders where she now fits.

Paul: I didn't like the fighting. Alba is treating Xo like she is Jane's age and it's not fair. She has to realize Xo is in love and won't be leaving Rogelio any time soon. Why wait? They love each other.

Amanda: I agree with Paul. Xo is a grown woman, and she's going to make her own choices. Alba needs to get with the program.

Mary Kate: It's sad that mother and daughter started fighting over an important moment in Xo's life. I agree that Alba is more unprepared about Xo leaving than Xo is. Alba had a right to her opinion, but in the end Xo is an adult and she can make her own decisions. Forcing Xo to stay may have worked when she was a child, but not so much anymore.

What role, if any, do you think Michael's ex-girlfriend will take on in the story?

Terri: She's cute and likeable and chances are that's going to draw some jealousy out of Jane.

Paul: She's obviously got an agenda. She's also apparently a writer. Could she be writing a book, or an article about the pregnancy? I wouldn't rule that out. If she is really a writer, then Michael sure has a thing for them!

Amanda: I have no idea! She's obviously going to throw a wrench into the Michael-Jane-Rafael triangle. Maybe it's changing into a love square. I'm definitely curious about who she is and why Michael and her broke up.

Mary Kate: It will be interesting because obviously she has some importance. I'm curious why her and Michael broke up and if she knows more about Jane than she led on.

After spending the day getting along with Rafael, did you notice anything different about Petra and Rafael's relationship?

Terri: They're very amusing together and like Michael and Jane they have a good friendship, a real emotional intimacy. I'm still concerned that Petra is getting that look in her eye...that he's mine look.

Paul: I didn't like the fighting. Alba is treating Xo like she is Jane's age and it's not fair. She has to realize Xo is in love and won't be leaving Rogelio any time soon. Why wait? They love each other.

Amanda: They definitely have chemistry so I could see her falling back in love with him. However, I don't think Rafael would feel the same way.

Mary Kate: They definitely got along. I realized that we have never seen them have a nice moment in the present. But, I think Petra had a glint in her eye that meant she could fall for Rafael again.

Any clues on what could happen when Rafael and his mother reunite?

Terri: Consider how awful his dad was and that his sister is a bit wackadoo and the odds are NOT in Rafael's favor on this one. I'm betting Jane will wish he never went looking for her.

Paul: Not really. I'd expect her to have a stake in the hotel at least. It would probably pave the way for his psycho sister to return.

Amanda: I just hope she's not crazy or manipulative. He needs a least one normal family member!

Mary Kate: For his sake, I hope it is a nice reunion. Like Terri said, Rafael's family is not what you would exactly call stable. I'm sure there will be some type of drama, but in the end, hopefully Rafael can have a stable family member like Jane.

Now that Jane and Rafael are back on track, what are you looking forward to for them next?

Terri: More romance, more humor and the opportunity to see them grow closer and really get to know each other.

Paul: I'm actually getting bored of the two of them together. This episode felt like a damp squib. The show needs to cut the melodrama and get back to the comedic roots it had just a few months ago.

Amanda: I've never really been on board with them as a couple, so I'm not sure what needs to happen between them in order to sway me to their side.

Mary Kate: I'm excited to see their moments as the due date approaches. Sure, there will be drama, but I love their relationship and I'm looking forward to whatever happens for them.

What was a favorite moment or scene you liked from the episode?

Terri: The critique scene was hilarious! Not only do you have poor Jane being vilified for her honest criticism, you've got Kathleen Wilhoite (always a stand out) crying her eyes out and Jane Seymor (gorgeous as ever) playing a mama bear romance author. More please!

Paul: Favorite scene was the dog running down the halls of the Marbella. There was no way Rafael, or Petra were catching him!

Amanda: I loved the scene where we saw the dog's internal dialog. Funniest part of the episode!

Mary Kate: I loved the dance moment. It was corny as corny can be, but it made sense for the show and for what Jane was going through. I also loved everyone around her getting along, like Alba and Xo no longer fighting and Michael and Rogelio beginning a bromance, another highlight of the episode.

Mary Kate Venedam is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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