iZombie: Watch Season 1 Episode 1 Online

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Well, that was different, huh?

And pretty darn awesome?

OnĀ iZombieĀ Season 1 Episode 1, we met a young woman named Liv. She seemed to have the ideal life all planned out... until she was bitten at a party and turned into a member of the walking dead.

Now she works at the coroner's office and eats brains and takes on the memories of those she eats and helps a homicide detective solve crimes.

Makes perfect sense, right?

The unique series stars Rose McIver, David Anders, Robert Buckley and others.

It's a fun spin on this ever-popular genre and you can watch iZombie online right here and now to see what the fuss is about.

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I have so many questions. First, why the hot sauce? Is that a zombie thing?


I don't have post-traumatic stress. I have post-traumatic ennui. Post-traumatic defeatism. Post-traumatic 'what's the point?'