iZombie Round Table: It's Not Easy Being Dead

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Who knew being one of the undead could suck so much?

If one thing is for certain, it's that iZombie Season 1 Episode 1 gave us some of the best laughs we've had since Veronica Mars was on the air. There is a lot to break down in this first episode, including favorite new characters, zombie mythology, and whether this new series will be a success or a flop.

The brains behind this Round Table include TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Terri Clark, Amanda Steinmetz, Whitney Evans, and Lindsay MacDonald. Be sure to share your own answers in comments below! 

Izombie Round Table

What did you think of the pilot? Things that worked, things that didn’t?

Stacy: I liked it. It definitely has a Veronica Mars feel, which is what I was hoping for. I like that they kept the voice overs and the snarky humor. If anything didn't work, it's that I don't really get why the cop doesn't have a police partner and that he went into that house alone with no back up.

Terri: Like Stacy, I love the Veronica Mars vibe. The characters were immediately engaging and I liked the little comic book intros. The only thing that bugged me was the constant negativity from Peyton. We get that you don't like the changes Liv is going through, how about you be supportive and try to figure out why?

Amanda: I really enjoyed the pilot overall. I think we all agree there's a Veronica Mars air to the show, and I have no problem with that. I thought the dialogue had the right kind of wit, and I liked the use of comic book imagery. Liv's family and friends didn't work for me. Obviously we'll learn more about them as the episodes continue, but they didn't make much of a first impression.

Whitney: Overall I thought it was great! It had just the right amount of snark, seriousness and campy fun that I enjoy. I wasn't a fan of Liv's roommate, and I hope we get to see Major more because his brief interactions with Liv were really heartfelt.

Lindsay: Overall it was a strong first episode, and the humor really made its mark, but I'm with Terri and Whitney on the Peyton situation. She was not very likable, and disliking a lead character off the bat is never good.

First impressions of our girl, Liv?

Stacy: I like her so far. She's smart, driven, funny, and she wants to help people. She's also conflicted and closed off now that she's undead. She's definitely not boring, that's for sure.

Terri: She's strong and sassy! And I love that all she really wants, alive or dead, is to make a difference.

Amanda: I like her a lot. Even though she's dead (undead?), she still wants to help people. She seems smart, witty, and strong.

Whitney: Liv was great! She was equal parts intelligent, strong, and witty. Definitely a lead character to root for!

Lindsay: All signs point to success for this girl, as she's totally relatable, even in her totally bizarre situation.

Who is shaping up to be your favorite character?

Stacy: I probably have to go with Liv. She may be undead, but she's still relatable. The morgue friend is funny, but he's a little over the top. The cop partner is great as well. I'm looking forward to seeing the supporting characters get fleshed out more.

Terri: Liv and Ravi. I adored his open acceptance and curiosity. He doesn't view her as a scourge, and he wants to help her get better.

Amanda: I can already tell that David Anders as Blaine is going to be my favorite. From the little we saw of him in the pilot, he's going to be a strange, mysterious (probably snarky) character. Besides his brief appearance, I'd have to go with Liv.

Whitney: Dr. Ravi was pretty funny and I loved how he didn't even bat an eyelash when he discovered Liv was a zombie. I think he will end up being a really great friend to her and I'm excited to see their friendship develop.

Lindsay: Ravi was also my favorite. I just love his slightly bizarre humor mixed with his genuine belief that he can help cure Liv. He's not afraid or disgusted, he's fascinated. Always nice to find a character who can think outside the box.

Let's talk about this zombie mythology. Anything that surprised you or snagged your interest?

Stacy: I'm surprised she's the only one, but I suspect others will pop up eventually. It's an interesting concept that she can basically act like a normal person, but can also revert to the stereotypical monster if she's angry. You don't normally see zombies that can pass for human the way vampires and werewolves do.

Terri: I found it funny that she researched her zombieness by watching horror movies. It's also interesting to me that the only time she's really dangerous is when she's mad.

Amanda: I agree that having Liv turn more zombie-like when she's mad is a great twist. Other than that, she can pass as a normal person. I'm curious what else will make her zombie flag fly. What happens if she doesn't eat brains? If there are other zombies, can they also see visions of people's lives when they eat their brains, or is that something special to Liv?

Whitney: I love the idea that eating someone's brain allows Liv to see their memories! I found it interesting that Liv still has a heartbeat, although it's only 10 beats per minute. So she really isn't dead then. Will Ravi be able save her?

Lindsay: Like Whitney, I was fascinated by the science side of it, and the fact that Liv still technically has a heartbeat. I loved that Ravi saw it as a disease to be cured because it opens a lot of doors for the series to explore later. And the hot sauce thing, of course. So strange!

Spring shows can turn out to be real duds sometimes. Do you think iZombie has the chops to last, or will it be a short run for this undead comedy?

Stacy: It has Rob Thomas behind it, so quality wise, I definitely think it has what it takes to last. The CW is also pretty forgiving with ratings and tends to let shows develop, so I think it will be back next season.

Terri: Oh no, I think this one can make it for the long haul. The CW is a hot place to be right now, and I'm betting viewership will continue to grow.

Amanda: I hope it will last. Rob Thomas is a genius who writes fantastic female heroines, so I'd like to think The CW will give the show a chance. Let's hope the ratings do well!

Whitney: Anything is possible on The CW. As long as it does decently, by CW standards, it should be assured a second season.

Lindsay: I agree that the genius of Rob Thomas will probably keep this little zomedy alive for a while. I just hope the network figures out its little scheduling snafu because right now it looks like The CW has too many shows on their roster! Not everyone will make it onto the fall premiere list…

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