Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 16 Review: Don’t Dream It’s Over

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Meredith Grey has experienced her fair share of traumatic events, deaths, and disasters.

However, nothing could have prepared her for hearing a woman's voice on the other end of her call to Derek.

Instead of keeping it inside, Meredith reached out to her friends on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 16 for some advice.

Crushed Maggie - Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 16

A part of me had hoped the woman who answered Derek's phone was just a way to make the audience nervous. As the episode progressed, I got more and more worried that Derek had really cheated.

Everyone Meredith confided in was so sure Derek wouldn't cheat on her. If everyone thought he had cheated, then I'd say he didn't. Since they all agreed he wouldn't, I became convinced he did. No amount of Team MerDer support from Callie was going to change that.

Callie: You [Meredith] and Derek are living proof that love exists. That it works, that there is hope. You guys are a freaking romance novel, and I, for one, am rooting for you two. Team MerDer!
Alex: I'm not saying that.

Meredith had every right to be concerned. Sure their love story is epic and has overcome many obstacles, but she had a good point: Derek has cheated before. 

We'd all like to think we're the exception, but sometimes the saying is true; Once a cheater, always a cheater. 

Derek rushing back to Meredith at the end is not a good sign. He's there to explain himself, but what for?

My hope is that he was about to cheat when Meredith called his cell, and that he didn't go through with it. At least this leaves them to deal with their marital problems without him having actually cheated. Please let this be the case!

Meredith: He's done this before.
Maggie: What?
Meredith: Moved to a new city, got a new job, ignored his wife's calls, met a girl, fell in love, started over.
Callie: Wait, what are you talking about, "met a girl"?
Meredith: Me. He met me. He left Addison when the marriage got hard, moved to Seattle, met me in a bar. What if he's doing the same thing now?

The fallout next week will be a must see! 

Elsewhere in the episode, we saw Owen and Amelia trying to hook up but kept getting interrupted. I'm in full support of this couple. After the rollercoaster of drama Owen experienced with Cristina, it's nice to see him having some fun.

I'm definitely concerned about April, and no amount of hot car sex with Jackson is going to change that! April's not acting like herself. She would have never been that mean to a patient before. Jackson was trying to be supportive, but April clearly needs to come to terms with everything that's happened in her own time.

I loved how Callie assumed Arizona was jealous about her going out on dates, when it turns out Arizona was trying to warn her about her date being crazy. There's probably some jealousy going on, but it seems the writers are in no hurry to put Callie and Arizona back together, and that makes me sad.

Both patients' stories were emotional and interesting this week. Bailey showed a lot of kindness toward Jo when she got overly emotional at the pregnant woman dying. 

Being a doctor is hard, and I'm sure it's very difficult to be completely emotionless at all times. 

Don't apologize for caring about your [Jo] patients. A lot of doctors aren't willing to go all in. It hurts too much. But that's what's going to make you such an excellent doctor.


The patient who they thought had Alzheimer's but it didn't turn out to be Alzheimer's was a great way for Maggie to reveal to Richard that she already knew she had a chance of getting it. I was thrilled to see these two interact more, and he acted like such a "dad" when she told him she didn't get her head checked after she got hit. 

Despite the drama surrounding Meredith in this episode, it was nice to see Meredith and Alex back at the old hang out spot. It reminded me of the first few seasons of the show. 

Overall, I enjoyed this week's installment much more than Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 15. Sometimes it's more important to focus on the character drama than to throw in an earthquake for dramatic effect. 

What did you think of "Don't Dream It's Over"? Are you as anxious as I am to hear Derek's side of the story? Do you think he cheated? What are your predictions for Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 17 titled "With or Without You"?

Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up on any missed episodes when you watch Grey's Anatomy online via TV Fanatic!

Don’t Dream It’s Over Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 16 Quotes

Jackson: What is the matter?
April: What's the matter is that you keep holding me like this delicate flower that's gonna break every time you look at me. That is what is the matter.

Meredith: She was perky, and she sounded happy and tall with a lot of great hair.
Alex: You saw her? How did you see her?
Meredith: I didn't. I heard her voice. Her perky, happy, tall voice.
Maggie: I hate voices like that.
Alex: You can tell by the voice?