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Dammit! This was one time when I did not want to be right.

In what can only be described as a killer (sorry, couldn't resist) episode, Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 9 finally revealed the identity of Flirtual. Yes, that hottie Aussie, Jake, has been Lindy's tormentor all this time.  

Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 8 really cemented my suspicion when Flirtual decimated any and all trust that Lindy had in Tommy. My gut screamed that the pain from that betrayal would have her running straight into Jake's arms and what better place for her to be if he were the actual killer. But, more about that later. 

It's sad to know that Sara is lying there in box 3034. Hearing what she and the other girls endured makes it easy to understand how she could take her own life. The kidnapper was never caught. Could he and Jake be the same? Is it possible he learned about Lindy from Sara and that's why he's taking her to Hart Island? Did he feel cheated by one sister and decide to take it out on the other?

It was not a big surprise to learn that Hamish, scuz that he is, was the "curator" of Babylon. The only thing that sticks in my craw is knowing that he's free and rich and depraved enough to start all over again. He'll be back.

Connor: They think you own the Babylon portal.
Hamish: Own? Own is a very conventional way of looking at it. I prefer curate.
Connor: And that you know who the killer is. Or might actually be him.
Hamish: If only I had the time.

I'd started to guess that Tessa was ill when she purposefully met with Flirtual last week. Serial killer groupies are one thing, but she had a death wish. Now we know why. Here's the problem – I don't care.

Her storyline would've worked far better had she been a character from day one who we slowly watched spin out and unravel before courting a killer. As it is, she was an annoying side character from out of nowhere and I couldn't care less, other than she saved Sophia, so this didn't have the kind of impact it could have. Great idea, poor execution.  

Now back to Lindy and Jake. The hardest part was seeing the romantic intimacy between them post-reveal. The way he took care of her, looked in her eyes, and touched her was dreamy and sigh-worthy.

The two have sizzling chemistry and Lindy desperately wanted to feel safe and loved in those moments and that's exactly what Jake gave her. He was her everything. I wanted all of those gestures to be genuine. And I suppose they were in a sense. I think Jake does love Lindy; all the narratives have said as much. So why does he inflict such agony upon her?

If Lindy thought Tommy's betrayal was bad, I can only imagine her devastation after learning she slept with the serial killer she's been hunting. That'll mess with your mind. That'll cause you to doubt yourself and everything you've known. As it is, I find myself asking Ryan Cooper, "Why you gotta do me this way? You made me love you, want you and then this?!?" And did anyone else think his Aussie accent dropped away in the previews? Say it isn't so!

There are only two episodes left. With MTV still holding mum about a possible second season, I wonder if we'll have our questions answered or if we'll be devastated with the mother of all cliff hangers. You know, the kind where characters remain hanging off a cliffside by their fingertips for eternity and viewers have to write their own endings?

At most, even if the finale (series or season) raises new questions, I hope we learn a few answers to the following – WHY has Jake has been stalking Lindy, killing for her, torturing her? What does he want from her? Does he really love her? Who is he, really?

But, more importantly, will Tommy get there in time to save Lindy or will she have to save herself? Frankly, I'd like to see her be her own hero. She has the advantage of knowing he's injured and (hopefully) that he loves her. 

If you have yet to watch this thrilling episode, be sure to watch Eye Candy online.

What did you think about the reveal? Are you afraid of how it will end? Did you care about Tessa? Do you think that Jake really loves Lindy? What do you predict will happen next? 

FYEO Review

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I snoop because I love you.