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Eighteen people and there will be only one winner. Who will be the next survivor?

On Survivor Season 30 Episode 1, we meet the three tribes who are competing for the million dollar prize. Who will be the first one eliminated?

When the three tribes first meet, they talk as if they are all winning the competition. It's fighting talk. You will get to see the first rivalry and the first showmance unfold.

At the first immunity challenge, it is clear that some people think they are better than others, but which two tribes will emerge victorious in order to win a reward and immunity?

So and Joaquin cause a stir at their camp, but will they manage to get back in the good graces of their tribe mates?

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Survivor Season 30 Episode 1 Quotes

I want to get all the girls. I'll be their leader and i'll take them to the merge with me.


I saw your smile and your big bright eyes. I was like, instant connection.