Quotes of the Week: Oliver Begs, Harvey Professes and More!

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It's that time of the week again!

Even with a relatively slow week on TV, our Fanatics still managed to find some great quotes. After all, Ra's al Ghul has something important to say to Oliver Queen on Arrow, Agent Carter went out with her head held high and Leonard was talking about love on The Big Bang Theory.

So flip around our slideshow and see what quotes made an impact on us this week!

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TV Quotes Quotes

Kevin: So, we’re not bailing on your hot brother’s FBI class? I thought based on what happened to Caramel…
Betty: That was before I got privileged information that made me realized we don’t actually know anything about Charles. Forget “Is Charles is gay or straight?” I’m interested in: “Is if he’s a serial killer or not?”

It do take nerve to flatten the curve.