Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Handling Holbrook

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With Detective Holbrook back in town on Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 18, the gals could be in for a lot of trouble. 

However, Hanna handled things pretty well when she was backed into a corner, don't you think?

Below, Winston Rice, Paul Dailly, and Leigh Raines gather for the latest Pretty Little Liars Round Table and debate this pressing topic, along with many others...

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Favorite scene or quote from Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 18?

Winston: Finding out Alison’s blood was in the storage unit. Things just got reallllly interesting! Stay tuned.

Paul: I agree with Winston, but I'm sure we all know something will happen that will make this development a dud. Could Mike have put her blood there?

Leigh: Hanna's confrontation with Holbrook was definitely my favorite. Hanna is not messing around anymore.

What did you think of Leslie?

Winston: I’m with Spencer. Historically speaking, any random “friend” that comes to town (Cece and Nate, specifically) usually spells trouble for the liars. I find it hard to believe Leslie will be the exception, especially after she used exams to excuse her absence at Mona’s memorial. What a terrible excuse. A true friend of Mona’s should be a much better liar.

Paul: Again, I agree with Winston. Also, she was very unlikable. Probably the most annoying character we've ever been introduced to. If she turns out to be A the show would jump the shark for the 10th time.

Leigh: We're never able to trust new people in Rosewood. I agree with Winston that any good friend of Mona's should be a better liar!

Who seems to be taking their couple drama better? Spencer or Aria?

Winston: Spencer. She’s already flirting with another guy. #sponny, anyone?

Paul: Spencer. After the way last week ended, Spencer could have been on a downward spiral, but she defied the odds and continued on with her life.

Leigh: They both seem to be dealing well. Aria barely even remembered Ezra is seemed. 

Which liar is the most "over" the whole drama?

Winston: Emily. She isn’t really involved in the drama these days. She’s far more interested in deciphering Talia’s (clear as day) signals than figuring out Ali’s next move.

Paul: Emily. I don't think that this version of A hates her as much as the other liars. Could it mean it's someone close to her? Quite possibly.

Leigh: We all agree here. Emily is more worried about whether or not somebody is flirting with her than Ali trying to drag her into jail too.

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome was Hanna's confrontation with Holbrook?

Winston: A 15 - 10 for Hanna whacking him + 5 bonus points for finding out Holbrook hasn’t been Ali’s henchman the past few episodes.

Paul: 10. She owned him. I thought she'd be frightened, but she obviously picked up on the fact that he isn't as evil as everyone first thought.

Leigh: 9 because even though it was awesome and my favorite scene, it was still a little risky!

What do you think of Emily's new romance?

Winston: If Emily’s dating track record has shown us anything, she isn’t one for the single life, so this relationship was destined the second Paige left. That being said, I’m all for it. I’ve never been a huge Paily fan (go team Emison!), and it’s a nice change of pace from the core four romances: Haleb, Ezria, Spoby, and Paily. Plus, every PLL deserves to engage in at least one age inappropriate romance. It’s totally Emily’s turn.

Paul: I don't know. Relationships never work in Rosewood. Everyone has these ugly secrets that get in the way. Paige will return at some point and the foundations of this new one will fall apart. I'm happy for Emily to rebound so quickly. Good on her.

Leigh: Like I said before, I never trust a newcomer. I worry for Emily a little bit, but at the same time she does need a distraction from Paige.

Be sure to tune into Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 19 this Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC Family!

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