Jane the Virgin Round Table: Petra in Charge

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After wanting control of the Marbella for months, Petra finally got her wish on Jane the Virgin this week... and she did not take it lightly.

OnĀ Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 14, we saw Petra begin her reign as partial owner of the hotel, cause havoc for Rafael and manipulate Luisa. Petra did not hold back when it came to her new job.

Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Amanda Steinmetz, and Mary Kate Venedam as they discuss this development, along with other events from this week's episode. Are you ready to join in the discussion? Let's do this...

Jane The Virgin Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think there is more to the Aaron Zazo story?

Paul: Yes. Something isn't quite right with this. I think Zazo is alive and somehow the brother took the fall and died.

Amanda: I agree with Paul on this one. It would be the perfect telenovela twist to have the twin brother be the one who's dead.

Mary Kate: Yes. It all seemed way to simple for a shock like that. I definitely am with Paul and Amanda on this, I think Aaron Zazo is actually his brother. But, what does Rafael have to do with it?

Now that Rogelio is staying, are him and Xo in it for the long haul?

Paul: They sure are, Xo even dropped her whole promise about saving herself. She felt safe enough with him that she knew it was time to let herself sleep with him.

Amanda: While I'm sure there will be some bumps down the road, they'll be happy for the time being. He chose his family and that means everything to Xo.

Mary Kate: I hope so. If there's a chance that Jane and Rafael are going to be the bumpy relationship, at least Rogelio and Xo should remain somewhat stable. But, I'm sure they will have their minor issues.

How do you think Emilio's death will affect Rafael?

Paul: They've never had the best relationship, so I'm guessing it won't have much of an affect on him, at least for now. I think it'll all come flooding back to him at some point.

Amanda: I'm not really sure about this one. Emilio didn't seem like a great father, but maybe his death will affect Rafael in a way that may surprise him.

Mary Kate: It seemed to hit him really hard at the end of the episode, but I think the loss of his father will make him more determined to get control of the Marbella back from Petra.

Were you surprised at the amount of control Petra wanted of the Marbella?

Paul: Oh, yeah. Here I was thinking she'd turned over a new leaf, but nope, same old Petra. She wants revenge on her former love.

Amanda: Yes, and I'm disappointed. I was really liking her progression from manipulative expletive to someone we could feel sympathy for. I hope this regression doesn't last long.

Mary Kate: If this was the Petra we met at the beginning of the series, I would say no. But, in the past few episodes, she has been much more subdued and not power hungry so the turn around to this week's Petra was weird.

Do you think living together will help or hurt Jane and Rafael?

Paul: Hurt. The two of them lead drastically different lifestyles and this will cause issues in the home. It's little things that will come between them though. Think something along the lines of Rafael wanting a bar in the living room, while Jane won't.

Amanda: I'm leaning toward hurt. Things are moving too quickly between them. Yes they are having a baby, but not on purpose. They've barely gotten to know each other on a deeper level.

Mary Kate: I'm not sure. I want to say help because I just love their relationship, but, I agree with Paul, in that their lives are very different so living together may not come as easy. However, I do think Rafael has changed from his party boy days, it is just a lot of change in their relationship way too fast.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Paul: Petra coming face to face with Zazo. Chick looked like she saw a ghost LOL.

Amanda: I loved seeing Jane imagine her life as a telenovela. The scene between Rafael and Michael was hilarious. Watching them slap each other was perfect!

Mary Kate: Probably a tie between the telenovela imaginations and Jane helping reconciling her parents. The telenovela scenes were just hilarious, especially the Rafael and Michael scene, I could not stop laughing. I also liked seeing Jane bond with both of her parents and getting them to realize their feelings. I bet that was one thing she didn't picture herself doing as a child.

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Jane: Hey, Rogelio!
Rogelio: Dad. You are locked into dad now.

Luisa: And then, she kissed me. And then, there were fireworks.
Narrator: It was also the 4th of July.