Jane the Virgin Round Table: He's Alive?!?!

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After learning Rose was the infamous Sin Rostro last week, who would've thought there'd be an even bigger shock to come.

However, the end of Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 13 gave fans the ultimate surprise when a previously deceased character turned out to be very much alive.

Join TV Fanatics Ariana Guzman, Paul Dailly, Amanda Steinmetz, and Mary Kate Venedam as they discuss this along with other events from this week's episode. 

Ready to join the conversation? Let's begin.

Jane The Virgin Round Table 1-27-15

With a job offer in Mexico, what do you think this means for Rogelio and Xo?

Ariana: It all comes down to Rogelio's ego. It shows some growth that it's not a lead role but he has a family now and Xo is a huge part of that. It's going to be another bump in the road but I don't think it will end their relationship.

Paul: I don't think Rogelio will actually take the job. The guy has only recently reconnected with Xo and his daughter, will he really throw that away for his career? I don't think so.

Amanda: Like Paul, I have a feeling he won't go. Or he'll go, but miss Xo and Jane so much that he'll come back.

Mary Kate: I can see Xo pushing Rogelio to take the job, for his own good, and maybe Rogelio go through with it. But, like Amanda, if he goes, I don't see him staying in Mexico long.

Were you disappointed that we didn't learn the sex of Jane and Rafael's baby? What do you think it is?

Ariana: I wasn't disappointed because it made sense that Jane is starting to let go a little. Since Jane is so convinced that it's a girl, a boy would be a great addition to the family.

Paul: Not really. There was enough going on in the hour that made me sort of forget it until Jane brought it up. I'm not going to wager a guess as I honestly don't know.

Amanda: Not really. There's time for that later. I wouldn't mind it being a mystery until she gives birth. I hope it's a girl though. I would love for there to be four generations of Villanueva women.

Mary Kate: I had kind of hoped we would find out, I understand the reason we didn't. I agree with Amanda, that it would be cute if Jane had a girl, if only to have the 4 generations of Villanueva women.

What type of trouble do you think Petra will cause now that she is a partial owner of the Marbella with Milos?

Ariana: Petra can't seem to survive without a man's help. Milos is so shady and the two of them together could mean actual trouble for everyone. It would be nice though if Petra learned to stand on her two feet.

Paul: I don't think she will cause that much trouble. Petra isn't the villain she was initially made out to be. Sure, she will do a few things to annoy Rafael, but the guy is going to give her the shock of her life when he inevitably brings Zazo back into her life.

Amanda: I hope none just because I think she's a far more interesting character now than she was in the beginning when she was simply looked at as a villain. Still, with Milos by her side, she could be influenced to do some shady things.

Mary Kate: She seems to have taken a semi-good turn for the better with her mother betraying her and all the stress that she had gone through since the midseason finale. If the Solano family keeps having issues, she may want more, and that won't be good.

Are you happy with the progression of the Sin Rostro case or do you wish it happened sooner or would last longer?

Ariana: I'm definitely happy with the story's progression. It's unfolded in a truly outrageous way. Shock after shock after show. It's great.

Paul: I'm not happy. I thought this storyline would go on the rest of the season and possibly into season 2. I hope we don't lose Rose any time soon. The actress plays her very well and it'd be a shame to lose her so soon. I hope she wreaks havoc before leaving.

Amanda: Eh... Honestly I don't really care too much to be honest. I could have gone with the storyline for longer, but I'm fine with the progression of Rose's villainy.

Mary Kate: I'm happy with the speed. It hasn't felt dragging on, the question though is how long it will take them to catch Rose and how they will follow up with this storyline seeing as it is such a big part of the show?

Zazo is alive. How and why do you think Rafael is involved in the huge cover-up?

Ariana: At first I was like, "Holy moly! Zazo is alive!" Then I remembered that Zazo had a brother and an identical twin is so true to the telenovela theme. But if that is Zazo and not a twin, I think Rafael is working for the government in order to catch Sin Rostro. How awesome would that be? I love a good government coverup.

Paul: Talk about a big freaking twist to conclude the episode! I really have no clue as to what is really going on at the hotel. Does Rafael know that Rose is Sin Rostro?

Amanda: Didn't see this coming at all! I'm much more intrigued by this development than what we've seen so far with Sin Rostro. I still maintain that Rafael has known a lot more than he's been leading everyone to believe. Remember when he took all that stuff out of the safe before Michael could show the cops?

Mary Kate: I was completely shocked when I saw him, let alone with Rafael. I actually thought it was some sort of flashback until the promo aired for next week. I thought the Zazo story was just done, but to see him alive, way to keep us on our toes.

What was your favorite moment or scene from the episode?

Ariana: My favorite moment of the episode was Jane's at home graduation. As a Latina, it was great to see another Latina graduate college (in an unorthodox way no doubt) on television. There was something so profound about her achieving the American Dream and the purity of Alba's gratefulness and pride. It was very uplifting and beautiful.

Paul: The scene with Petra finding out she has a 33% stake in the hotel. I was wondering where her storyline could potentially go after being kicked out of the hotel, but looks like she'll be around for a lot longer.

Amanda: I still love everything about the omnipresent narrator. The voice-over of a light going on over Michael's head was so cheeky. Keep it coming with the sass!

Mary Kate: I loved the graduation ceremony. It was sweet that Rafael set everything up for Jane and how Xo is starting to get on board with the Jane/Rafael relationship. I also enjoyed how Jane's family each gave a little speech about her and the moment between Xo, Jane, and Alba altogether.

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