Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 7 Review: The Wild One, Forever

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Let's face it, prom night is normally a total bust. But when the cul de sac crew is chaperoning, there's no such thing as a bust! Unless you count Laurie's ridiculous hairstyle that is...

On Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 7, the group volunteers to host the local high school's prom in Gray's Pub after a hurricane decimates their gym.

Preparing for Prom - Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 7

As expected, most of the crew is less than enthused at the prospect of chaperoning. Laurie and Jules', however, are more than ready to party it up and relive their glory days. 

Jules: You know, since the day that we met, I spent most of my craziest times with you.
Laurie: Oh like the time we broke all the penises off the statues! Or when we went bar hopping and we stole that scary cop's gun? Or when we broke into Tom's house and we locked his girlfriend in the closet!
Jules: Wow, we sound totally insane when you string them all together.

The night takes an unexpected turn when Laurie remembers how her own mother partied her way through Laurie's childhood. While mama drama is never fun for anyone, Laurie did a particularly good job of tying in the troubles of her past to the troubles of her present. Hearing how turbulent her upbringing was, I couldn't help but sympathize with her fears of being a terrible mother herself. When you drink as much wine as these guys do, it's probably pretty hard to find the line between responsible parent and drunken party girl. 

Jules reassures her that having a good time doesn't make her a bad mom, and returning to your kid every night is half the fun anyway. I love the throwback moments with these two girls because it really reminds you how the show started off. 

They might be boring old moms together now, but there was a time when they were both pretty rowdy.

Travis and Grayson have their own bonding moment when they realize that they might be holding on a little too tight to their own high school baggage. A nerd will always be a nerd, and a cool kid will always be a cool kid, and you can pretty easily guess which guy falls into which category.

They both realize that their stereotypes won't keep them from being friends though, even if they're probably never going away. I think what I love most about this relationship is that Grayson never tries to be a dad with Travis. They're buddies, family, pals, and fellow wine drinkers, but they never push the stepfather vibe too much. 

Andy's subplot was probably the silliest, but it was also the funnest. Not only did we get a story about Andy's high school trauma, we got to hear Ellie's hilarious prom tale too. Even if Andy ended up getting de-pantsed in front of a bunch of teenagers, it was still a good night. 

Whose prom outfit did you like best? Did anyone's high school history surprise you?

Don't forget to watch Cougar Town online via TV Fanatic to catch all the prom poses! 

The Wild One, Forever Review

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Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

My baby has no shot at a normal life.


Jules: Please don't get pregnant!
Laurie: Sometimes 'I love you' is just a trick to get your dress off!