Chicago PD Round Table: The Bunny Boiler

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On Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 14, we received more insight into Lindsay's strained relationship with her mother, while Antonio hooked up with an old colleague.

TV Fanatic staff Doug Wolfe, Stacy Glanzman, Mary Kate Venedam and Paul Dailly discuss Erin's mother, the case of the week and a serous storyline for Platt.

Chicago PD 1-27-15

What do you think of Erin's mother?

Doug: she’s a piece of work, isn’t she? I think anyone who’s ever known a con artist – especially those whoever has had one as a relation – can relate to the disgust Erin must feel about her mother. The woman is a conniving witch who doesn’t deserve her daughter. She may have kicked her drug habit, but that inner con artist will never go away. What’s worse – and this is true of the con artists I’ve known – she never once blames herself. It’s always everyone else’s fault: Voight and even her own daughter. To say I dislike her would be putting it mildly.

Stacy: I don't like her and Erin doesn't need her in her life. She's just going to continue to hurt her. I'm glad she has Voight looking out for her.

Mary Kate: Bunny has obviously had a lot of demons in her life that Erin can never forgive. It's completely understandable why Erin doesn't trust her. The question is why did Bunny think it would be the best idea to go to Erin about the crime. She should've known Voight and Erin would figure out what she was up to. At least, Erin will always have Voight to be the parent-figure Erin clearly never had.

Paul: She sure isn't the best, is she? I think we all knew she was up to something when she appeared. The woman wouldn't be doing anything to help anyone but herself. I hope she stays away from Lindsay. Lindsay has Voight, who has been her rock and helped shape her into the fine young woman she is today.

Did you like the case?

Doug: I thought the story was well-written, and well acted too, but I didn’t like it. It was heartbreaking from the get-go. There was zero redeeming quality about the escapee, and I knew as soon as we met him that there was no way he wasn’t going to get killed. I was surprised however – and saddened – when it was the mother who killed him. The worry here is that the legal system will throw the book at her, because that’s what they’re supposed to do. Ideally I’d love for her lawyer to convince a jury that she was momentarily insane when she shot him. Something so that she doesn’t have to go to jail for it.

Stacy: I did. I liked that it got everyone involved, even Platt. Antonio was beat up, Olinsky connected with a victim, Lindsay dealt with her mom, etc.

Mary Kate: I liked it. It was emotional, suspenseful, and interesting. There were a lot of different elements with the woman whose family died, the criminal they were chasing, Erin's family drama, and all of the other personal stories woven in.

Paul: It really brought home the fact that Chicago PD is always going to be a gritty cop show. My heart sunk when the truck was opened to reveal the poor woman's family. It was emotional and really sucked me in.

Do you think Linstead should suck it up and come clean to Voight, or do you think it should be between them?

Doug: The problem with secrets like that is that they always get revealed. Someone will slip up and the truth will come out. I think it would be a mistake for Linstead to let Voight find out any other way but straight from the horse’s mouth. The sooner the better – and then make peace with whatever consequences occur.

Stacy: I think they should tell. I don't really understand the whole "Burgess was shot" exception. I get that Voight decided to make an exception because she was shot, but now that they're allowed I don't really see how he can deny another relationship.

Mary Kate: Yes. Voight is really the only person they are keeping it from and Erin is just scared because she knows how he would react. If he was open to Adam and Burgess both working in intelligence and dating, I think he should be fine with Linstead. I mean, it obviously hasn't affected their work yet, so what is really the harm?

Paul: I feel like it is their business. Not Voight's. The fact that they are stressing over it so much really shows us that the guy has a massive say in all of their lives. This shouldn't be the case.

Will Olinsky's speech to the woman who killed Milo come back to haunt him?

Doug: I think Olinksky really believed what he told her, so no. It won’t haunt him. Did you notice – even Voight seemed disappointed when Milo showed back up again in cuffs. The hope for all of them was that he’d give them an excuse to gun him down.

Stacy: I hope not. He was well-intentioned and there's no way he could have known she'd decide to shoot the guy. It was really sad but he doesn't deserve to feel guilty over it.

Mary Kate: I feel he will think twice about what he says to victims' families next time he speaks to them considering the affect his words had on this woman. He obviously agreed with what he was telling her, but I don't think he wanted his words to affect this woman's life.

Paul: Yeah, it seemed like he planted the seed and kind of set her up to carry out the deed. Obviously, she had a motive, but Olinksy made it worse.

Will the guy dying on Platt's watch have a lasting effect on her?

Doug: I can’t imagine it having a lasting effect. She knows there was nothing she could have done to prevent the man’s death – those lockups aren’t set up like prisons, where inmates have to wear prison garb. She’s a hard-ass sergeant who knows her stuff – I think she would be far more bugged about the escape than the murder.

Stacy: Probably, though again I hope not. If this is the first time anything like this has happened under her watch, I'd say she's doing a pretty good job. Sometimes things like this happen and she shouldn't beat herself up over it.

Mary Kate: I don't think so. It may just be something that she thinks about from time to time or when another similar scenario occurs, but Platt is Platt, we haven't seen many things rattle her before. Plus. as much as Platt denied it, it seemed Nadia's small little pep talk got her out of the mindset she was in. I say, Platt will be fine.

Paul: Yes. I'm guessing we won't get much wit from her in the coming weeks.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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