Castle Season 7 Episode 14 Review: Resurrection

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Someday we’ll meet again, and that day is here on Castle Season 7 Episode 14, or so we think. But is that really Jerry Tyson walking out the door? 

Lanie was the first one to get that niggling feeling that something wasn’t right as she stood over the body of Susan Watts; as though she was remembering something she couldn’t quite grab ahold of until she got Susan’s body on her table. That’s when the pieces began to fall into place and it was apropos that it was Lanie who figured it out. 

Susan Watts story was much like Pam Hodges, the woman who was made to look like Lanie before she was murdered; certainly something that Lanie won’t soon forget. And Dr. Kelly Niemann is something that Kate Beckett won’t forget either.

Whenever Dr. Niemann paid Beckett a compliment on her looks, it sent shivers down my spine. “What skilled hands could do with you.”  Let’s hope Dr. Niemann’s hands never get near Kate Beckett’s gorgeous face. 

The only thing that made Beckett smile during the hour was knowing that Gates got the DA to sign off on bringing Castle back as a consultant, although it was just for this one case. Not only was Castle back, he actually gave his own presentation concerning 3XK to the rest of the squad. 

Dr. Niemann had obviously been keeping tabs on Rick and Kate. She knew that Castle was no longer supposed to be working at the precinct. Sometimes I think this woman is even creepier than Tyson himself.

When they actually did arrest Tyson in Michael Boudreaux’s apartment, it felt all too easy. As though there had to be a catch – and was there. The man who looked just like Jerry Tyson was claiming to be Michael Boudreaux, surgically enhanced by Dr. Niemann. 

The scariest part was that it could just as easily be true as not. Dr. Niemann has already proven she does amazing work. Had she decided to recreate her former boyfriend who was truly dead or was this Tyson playing mind games with Castle and Beckett once again? I’m still not entirely sure which was the truth. 

Some of my favorite scenes were the ones where Castle profiled Tyson. It’s all about mommy issues. Tyson’s biological mother was dead but his father dropped young Jerry with his girlfriend Gretchen Cutler who kept him until he was 9 and then dumped him in the system. According to Gretchen she was a good mother but Jerry was a hellion. I loved Rick’s response to that in this Castle quote

Only people who keep insisting they're not terrible parents are terrible parents.

Rick Castle

Too true. Now I question the box of trinkets that Gretchen kept. Would she have cared enough to hold onto those things? Did Tyson know she had them and let her keep them? Did he plant the tooth in that box? With Jerry Tyson, anything is possible.

Perhaps the creepiest moment was when Rick realized exactly what Kelly Niemann was doing with the women who came through New Start Horizon. She was creating 3XK’s future victims…

You don't have to hunt them anymore. You raise them, like livestock.

Rick Castle

Somehow the fact that they were using women who were struggling to find a second chance made it all the worse. A bright new start turned dark by the evil of these two sociopaths. 

As Tyson (or is he Boudreaux?) sat there smiling at Castle, my heart sank knowing that Beckett was out on the street all alone, like waiting prey. 

So is the man holding Dr. Niemann’s hand Jerry Tyson or Mark Boudreaux? Could this all be the plan of Dr. Kelly Niemann? Who actually grabbed Beckett and will Castle and the team find her before they cut that perfect face? Was Alexis kiss goodbye a bad omen?

If you missed a minute, you’ll want to watch Castle online now at TV Fanatic and don’t forget to come back next week to check out our review for the conclusion of this two-parter in Castle Season 7 Episode 15.

Resurrection Review

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Castle Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

She’s as shrewd and high functioning of a sociopath as he ever was.

Kate Beckett

I don’t know if I’m surprised. You are pretty lovable.

Rick Castle