Castle Round Table: Is That Really 3XK?

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It was the first half of the annual Castle two-parter this Monday ,as serial killer 3XK returned with his creepy partner in crime, Dr. Kelly Niemann, by his side on Castle Season 7 Episode 14.   

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, Stacy Glanzman, Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Denise from The 12th a Castle Fan Forum to debate if that’s really Jerry Tyson, who grabbed Kate Beckett and what they plan to do with her now that they have her after “Resurrection."

Castle Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think that the man claiming to be Michael Boudreaux is really Jerry Tyson?

Jim: YES!!! Did you see the wink at the end!! The only reason the tooth didn't work was the DNA sample was inconclusive. 

Chandel: It's really Jerry Tyson. I was possibly fooled into believing the opposite for a second, but it's clearly Jerry.

Stacy: It's really Tyson. I don't think it was really even his tooth. He probably planted it there for them to find. Why didn't they track down Michael Bourdreaux's parents and get their DNA? It wouldn't have proved the man in custody was Tyson, but it at least could have proved he was lying.

Robin: Absolutely. Nobody in their right mind would elect to get facial reconstruction to look like a serial killer - and admit to doing it even though they knew that's the face they were getting. 

Denise:  Absolutely.  I never doubted it for a minute.  As convincing as he was in claiming he was Michael Boudreaux, I was totally with Castle and Beckett; never believed him.  And if there was any doubt, that wink in the elevator definitely erased it.

Christine:  It has to be! Doesn't it? But I’ll admit that Tyson is so good at twisting things around he had me doubting it for a while. 

Any idea who actually grabbed Beckett?

Jim: Pretty obvious it was the girl that called Beckett out, apparently Kelly and Jerry have picked up a protégé.

Chandel: Probably Amy. She's obviously in on the thing. How else could it have been pulled of? Beckett had to be lured away for some reason, why not a woman in distress that was a person of interest?

Stacy: I agree it was probably Amy.

Robin: I'm thinking it's Amy with the the real Michael Boudreaux?

Denise:  It was a female voice on the phone with Kelly Niemann, so possibly Amy Barrett? Other than that, no idea.

Christine:  What if…the Jerry Tyson with Dr. Niemann is really Michael Boudreax and the real Tyson grabbed Kate? Or the real Boudreaux grabbed Kate. Or Amy. OK, it’s probably Amy. I’m so confused.

Who is creepier, Jerry Tyson or Kelly Niemann?

Jim: I'm going with Jerry on this one. While Kelly is clearly bonkers, Jerry gives off a much stronger oder of bat-sh!t crazy covered in super-smarts. 

Chandel: Clearly Jerry Tyson, because I was actually believing for a second that he was Michael Boudreaux. My mind was blown.

Stacy: They're both scary, but the nod goes to Jerry. That actor is fantastic at super creepy facial expressions.

Robin: I find Niemann creepier, by a landslide.  Jerry Tyson can be caught, and he has been before. He escapes very narrowly.  Niemann, on the other hand, is a psychopath living a normal life in a respected job where she reconstructs people's faces with scalpels. She's worse than Tyson is. 

Denise:  Wow, that's a tough one.  I think they're pretty evenly matched in their creepiness.

Christine: They are the Bonnie and Clyde of serial murder. I want to say that Jerry is creepier but every time Dr. Niemann looks at Kate and makes some mention of her face I get shivers. And Robin is right. Kelly Niemann’s to be a respected member of society while producing Jerry Tyson’s next victims is super creepy. 

What do you think they plan to do with Beckett?

Jim: Torture, maiming, killing... you know, the usual. 

Chandel: Torture Castle, and, although I doubt they will make it that far, actually turn her into a blond clone of those other women. I don't know why i have that creeping feeling that's what they will do.

Stacy: I think they're going to give someone else Beckett's face and make Castle think it's her. I think that's who he's saying he's sorry to in the promo.

Robin: They're going to change her face and then next week, new actress!! "The character of Kate Beckett will be played by..." Seriously though, I would guess that they're going to create a doppelganger of Kate, and then try to change her face somehow.  Neimann's always made comments about what she could do with that face.

Denise:  I don't know if Tyson wants to kill her or just use her to torture Castle.  I think Dr. Niemann definitely has plans to "improve" Kate's face.  She's been obsessed with Kate since Disciple.

Christine:  I’m with Stacy on this one. I think it’s all about Jerry making Castle pay for screwing up his plans. Dr. Niemann will have made a Kate clone and they’ll doing something horrific to her and then make Rick thinks it’s Kate just to torture him. 

Was there anything in "Resurrection" that disappointed you?

Jim: That it was not finished in this episode. I'm really not a fan of "to be continued", but if that is my worst complaint, then it was a pretty good episode. 

Chandel: Absolutely not. In fact, it was probably the most riveting episode I have seen in a while!

Stacy: I liked the episode and Tyson is a great villain, but I prefer to reserve my judgement of the annual two-parter until I've seen the conclusion. 

Robin: To be honest, I was disappointed that they went with the kidnapping. These characters have been kidnapped A LOT. I would have preferred to see some different kind of twist, but it will still make for good television next week.

Denise:  Other than the fact that we have to wait a week to see the second part?   :)  No, I thought the overall episode was great. I was on the edge of my seat the entire hour.

Christine:  The wait to see part two! I’m counting the days. Monday can’t get here fast enough. 

What was your favorite quote or scene in Castle Season 7 Episode 14?

Jim: I actually really liked Alexis testing Rick with "I got a job as an Escort, I have to meet a client." The look on Rick's face was priceless! 

Chandel: I'm with Jim on this one. Alexis' escort comment and Castle's reaction was pretty priceless. I miss that banter between father and daughter.

Stacy: I liked the baby talk! Beckett took me by surprise when she made the comment that she'd be there the next time and Castle saying there's never a right time or a wrong time was sweet. 

Robin: I loved Castle's profiling of Tyson, and Tyson's reaction when Castle hit a nerve. We don't get to see that side of Castle very much anymore, the man who sees the dark story behind people and their actions. I loved seeing him that way, intelligent, perceptive, discerning. 

Denise:  I loved how casually Kate threw out that line about being there from the beginning for the next one.  Just tossed it out there without even thinking twice.  I liked that whole opening scene; love that Alexis has so readily accepted Kate.

Christine:  I’m with Robin on this one. Castle and Tyson sitting across from one another in the interrogation room was amazing. My favorite was when Castle told Tyson, “You don't have to hunt them anymore. You raise them, like livestock.” Yikes!

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And don't forget to check back in next week for our review of the two-parter conclusion in Castle Season 7 Episode 15.

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