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When you watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 13 online, you'll see Laurel reunited with her sister Sara when Black Canary comes face to face with Canary. The bitch is a fraud. Or is she? Can she really walk in the jacket? 

Oliver feels it's time to stop carrying a lie of his own and decides to take Thea into the flooded basement. What will happen when she steps foot inside and sees what has been taking place before her very eyes?

Will Thea ever be able to trust Malcolm Merlyn, her own father, even at the bequest of her brother? Does his request hold enough weight?

Team Arrow is much different than when Oliver was left for dead. He's returned to a democracy and he's not sure he can handle it. He's not sure he wants to handle it. Is he willing to take a chance?

Find out about all of this and more when you watch Arrow online! Click right now.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Black Canary: Sara, Sara, please. I'm your sister.
Canary: Then why are you trying to take my place?!

Dinah Laurel Lance. Selfish Bitch. You're not a hero. You're a liar, a fraud and an addict.