The Flash: Wells IS Reverse Flash... But is He the Only One?

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During a panel discussion at the TCAs today, Tom Cavanaugh, who plays Harrison Wells confirmed, "[Wells] is the man in the yellow suit."

However, when asked, Andrew Kreisberg skirted the question, saying only, "I think he's doing a great job," when asked if Wells is the Reverse Flash.

The big question remains: Is Wells the only Reverse Flash?

Flash Arrow Panel

We've sure done our fair share of speculating on TV Fanatic as to whether Eddie Thawne might be the Reverse Flash, since a fellow in the comics, Edobard Thawne, was the same character.

"His name is not an accident," Kreisberg said today. "Eddie's connection to the Reverse Flash lore is going to pay off big time in the back half of the year."

Other people on the panel included Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold), Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave), Robbie Amell (Firestorm) and Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein, the other half of Firestorm).

Miller joked, "I wasn't sitting back at home saying, 'Aww... I wanna do The Flash,'" while of his role as Heat Wave Purcell said, ""He allows me to be big and bold and explosive, things I really appreciate."

While I didn't pick up much of note off the wire from Amell and Garber, the latter did pipe up to say Amell's fiance, Italia Ricci, is even prettier than Robbie. It sounds like good times were had by all.

If you're ready for the return of your favorite speedy superhero, you can watch The Flash online via TV Fanatic to tide you over. 

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